What is it that turns cancer cells on in the dog’s body? Well research shows that the wast majority is caused by lifestyle. But what tactually mean?

Science shows that factors like obesity and sedentary lifestyle, radiation, stress, viruses, toxins, pollution are HUGE factors. But the most important contributing factor is the FOOD we feed our dogs.

When I watched pet nutrition blogger Rodney Habib’s TedX video at the first time, I wouldn’t believe that we would be such a good friends now…

I’m honestly super thankful for all his lessons that helped ROCKETO to develop the best possible dog food ever.

So what I found in his video was simultaneously jaw-dropping and not surprising.

After his dog, Sammie was diagnosed with cancer, Habib went on a mission to find out why canine cancer is a growing epidemic. Currently, one out of every two dogs will be diagnosed with cancer at some time in their life, mostly between age 6 and 12.

I had 6 years old German shepherd who died because of cancer in TWO WEEKS! But what if Bardas (my dog) could live until he’s 30 like Maggie, the Kelpie, from Australia. Maggie was possibly the world’s oldest dog.

Diabetes is up 900 percent in dogs in the last five years. Obesity is up 60 percent. While 10 percent of all cancer cases are genetic, 90 percent are the results of lifestyle and environmental influences, including stress, obesity, infection, sedentary lifestyle, toxins, pollution and most importantly diet.

“30 to 40% of cancer can be prevented simply by implementing dietary changes.”-Canine Nutrigenomics.

Habib spoke with Norwegian scientist, Thomas Sandberg, who is conducting a 30-year-old study (the longest observational study to date). Sandberg is hoping to prove that poor quality food may cause cancer to develop in dogs and cats, mainly due to a compromised immune system.

Here’s the part of Thomas Sandberg research that was jaw-dropping for me:

  • “Of all the dogs with cancer that I have dealt with, 99% have been fed commercial dog food, mostly dry kibble of some sort. I rarely see dogs on a raw food diet get cancer”.
  • He fed dogs with diet they are designed: for LOW amounts of carbs and HIGHER amounts of fat and protein.

Dogs and cats can live much longer

Dogs and cats can live much longer than they currently do: CATS 20-30 years; BIG DOGS like great Danes 14-16 years and MEDIUM dogs should live into their 20’s.

Another study at Purdue University showed a 90 percent decrease risk of cancer when they added green leafy vegetables to a bowl of processed food three times a week.

Remember Maggie, the world’s oldest dog? In addition to a diet that included raw fed grass milk, she also self-fasted some days.

Healing cancer with ketogenic diet

Another interesting study I found out from Rodney’s was Ketopet sanctuary - an organization that coupled newest cancer technologies with unconventional metabolic diet (ketogenic diet).

The other life-changing friendship (I value as a biggest gift) is with Ketopet CEO Paul Raybould.

Paul together with his team helped us to put the best possible ingredients according to their experience.

One of the happiest story in Ketopet history is about Cindy Colvin, her dog Piper, and their cancer-fighting journey.

We hope all of these scientific researches helped you to understand our philosophy and importance of THE RIGHT DIET for your pets.

We have dogs because we love them. We bring them into our human world and expect them to adjust. But that’s the biggest mistake of all!

Let’s make our dogs live longer TOGETHER!

With unconditional love,


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