We would like to introduce you to a new Blog series where we will tangle dog health issues with our in-house Veterinarian Andrew Bucher. Without further ado, todays topic pretty smelly – The bottom burps. Now all dogs fart (like us), after all this is a normal process for the colon to carry out in order to ensure there is no build-up of gas. However, if you have noted that your dog can literally clear the room after they let one rip then read on!!


Excess flatulence can be simply linked to a dog being being overweight, obese or just not moving around very much. There are also some short-nosed breeds that are particularly prone such as Pugs, Shih Tzus and Boston Terriers. They tend to swallow a lot of air when they eat or drink which you guessed it…leads to flatulence.


You are what you eat as they say. Same for our four-legged friends. It is quite common that the cause of excessive flatulence may be linked to your dog’s diet. It is usually due to an intolerance to a certain animal protein resulting in its intestine not being able to absorb it as well. The end result is…well you know it…a large amount of gas. It is also normally associated with a slightly less well-formed poos.

It is always worth seeing your veterinarian if you do suspect a food intolerance as a process of elimination may be able to identify the animal protein culprit. It can also be linked to low-quality ingredients and/or the presence of soy, peas, beans, milk products, high-fat diets and spicy foods. If it is not a food intolerance, it could also be due other causes such as IBS, parasites, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) and enteritis to name a few.


However, as previously mentioned one of the main reasons for excessive back end burps’ may be food intolerance but eating too much human food or coming across something smelly, but yet incredibly tasty on their walks in the park can also be the reason.


Regardless, please see below for some tips which I hope will help you out:

  • Change your dog’s diet – you can try our great range of organic, low-processed recipes including beef, chicken, perch or insect. Please introduce over a period of 7-10 days to ensure a smooth transition. It is also good to try low carb/sugar diets such as found in our range of Rocketo foods.
  • No table scraps – these can be high in processed fats and sugars which are not superb for your dog’s digestive system and can cause downstream bloating and discomfort. We all know how a bloated gas-filled belly feels, not comfortable!
  • Dog activity helps! – Getting your dog moving around with exercise and some playtime can certainly help move things along.
  • Avoid certain veggies – whilst broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts may be healthy they can certainly lead to excess gas! Same for us humans of course…
  • No dairy products – as most dogs are lactose intolerant so please keep them off milk, cream or cheese. Even if they look at you with those “please please please !!” eyes.
  • Slow down their eating speed – excess eating speed can lead to them swallowing air. You can try to feed them smaller meals or try out a slow-feeding dish.


At Rocketo, we do have two food products that can help maintain your dog’s flatulence issues such as our Variety Box (contains beef, chicken, fish and insect) or you can also look at our Gutomizer which we know many pet owners have found useful when dealing with flatulence. If you know which animal protein your dog is intolerant to then you can also select from any one of our flavours. The insect is particularly useful as this is an incredibly good novel protein!


Please see below some of the many testimonials we have received!

Chantal, verified buyer, Insect Recipe

“My 2 dogs, petit brabançon, just love it. No more problems with diarrhea. Digestion is great, no upset stomachs. Just wonderful.”

Joaquin, verified buyer, Insect Recipe

“I bought this out of curiosity honestly but it’s SO good, she loved it straight away and her poops and farts are so much better. Definitely sticking to this!”

Gabriele, verified buyer, Gutomizer

“My dachshund mix rescue has a super sensitive stomach and liquidy poo. We usually get some tablets from the vet for that but it’s always just a temporary fix. Gutomizer has improved his tummy problems immensely. Recommended it to everyone I know. Honestly, did not expect it to do much but I am so happy I decided to try it on a whim”

Sarah, verified buyer, Perch Recipe

“I tried this one and the insect one on my first order- my dog really liked both. I was feeding my cockapoo Willow kibble before and she used to fart all day long and get a bad tummy. I’ve been feeding this one meal a day alongside other cooked food and the farting has stopped and her poop is much better. This one also smells pretty nice!”

So, give our supplements a go!

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