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The universe is all of space and time, and their contents – galaxies, planets, stars,
and all other forms of matter and energy, and… dogs.

Yes, for us, dogs are our universe.

However, it does not matter how big and infinite the universe is, its existence and well-being
are constructed from tiny building blocks of life, called CELLS. And so it is with dogs.

Your furry friend’s body can’t work well with damaged cells, so it needs to make new cells to
work correctly. So, you see, everything starts from a cell having the ability to regenerate.

Your dog’s body keeps constantly replacing itself – it grows new skin every six weeks,
a new liver in eight weeks, new nerve cells every month, and so on.

As each new cell is built, the body seeks proper building materials from which to construct
the cell. If the body cannot find good, healthy materials, it will use whatever is available.

To make new cells, the body must have raw materials (nutrition),
the release of environmental toxins and sufficient cellular energy
to use the materials. If any of these is lacking, pharmaceuticals and/or surgeries will not help.



Your dog needs to have the right foods because the nutrients are raw materials for the his cells.

However, it’s not about hitting the macros. Dog food that has high-quality and superior
ingredients will be more beneficial for Fido as compared to mass-produced or genetically modified foods.

So, high-quality nutrition is essential for your furry friend’s body to make new cells that work correctly and efficiently.


Toxins are bad guys, who are trying to damage your dogs body. Toxins poison enzymes, displace
structural minerals, damage organs, DNA, cell membranes, and do lots of other ugly things.

Dental infections, heavy metals in the water, antibiotics in conventional protein source,
lawn fertilisers – toxins are everywhere.

It is important for you to give your dog a diet that is rich in toxin-free ingredients as
well as ingredients that actually assist your dog’s liver in removing the toxins already present.


Wild dogs are active throughout the day and depend on hunting for their food. So, naturally, they are quite healthy.

If your Fido doesn’t get the exercise he needs, diseases will naturally follow.

Mammals are able to generate and accumulate energy. Remember, cells stop moving only when they die.
We encourage you to take your dog out as much as you can play with him and keep him active.


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