My title is officially COO but my main role is broad across production, science, finance and marketing. As a veterinarian and co-founder of a previous pet e-commerce business I like to think that I can bring both my vet hat and commercial know-how to help make Rocketo the leading healthiest pet wellness company in Europe. 

Academic Achievements

I have a BSc in Biotechnology from the University of Reading and a BVSc in Veterinary Science from the University of Queensland.

Personal Philosophy

I believe that personal success in every sense of the word can only be achieved from fundamentally truly enjoying what you do in your work and personal life. Surround yourself with work, friends and family that you enjoy being with and give them all the love and attention they deserve.

Hobbies / Interests

I absolutely love reading (especially historical non-fiction and biographies), listening to podcasts when falling asleep, dancing with my two children, rock music, watching Formula 1 and classic car restoration. I love walks in the mountains, immersing myself in nature, sailing and skiing.

Favourite Food / Beverage

Favourite food has to include raclette, chinese fondue and fish and chips. Favourite beverage is probably a very good glass of red wine and tea in the morning. A good pint with mates in the pub is also high up in the list.

What does working with Rocketo mean to you?

Working with Rocketo is the ultimate trip for me as the ethos it puts behind its product range really ‘flicks my switch’ when it comes to being the healthiest solution for the overall wellness and wellbeing for all dogs.

As an ex-practicing veterinarian for over 7 years, it was incredibly clear to see that poor/cheap/heavily processed nutrition had a detrimental impact on pet health and expensive vet bills for pet owners. Prevention is always better than cure and finally here is a company that can truly deliver this premise.

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Wild Fish Treats

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Organic Multivitamin Herbal Blend

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PLAK Organic Plaque Tartar Herbal Blend

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Organic Nutri-Booster Treats

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Dehydrated-RAW Organic Dog Glow Treat

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100 % Organic Plants

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Organic Skin & Coat Herbal Blend

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Healthy Dog Skin & Coat Solution BOX

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Organic Fermented Gut Extract

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Dog Food Variety Box

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Dehydrated-RAW Organic Dog Dental Treat

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80% Organic Chicken

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68% Whole Insects

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Organic Plant-Based Omega-3 Oil

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72% Organic Beef

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72% Wild Fish

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Raw Organic Keto Orbiters

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