We are happy to introduce our skilled team members one by one. And this time, we are presenting our in-house animal nutritionist Bianca Major. She is responsible for implementing the nourishing recipes and helping animals gain the nutrition balance every day.

Bianca will always do her best to improve and make available optimal nutrition to all pets.

Our team is taking care of animals and pets besides their roles in Rocketo. Therefore, it might be surprising, but Bianca has a farm full of rescue animals and her Maremma Pal, a livestock guardian dog, looks after them all!


Bianca started in the veterinary industry then specialized in nutrition. Now she is a certified specialist with titles of BSc (hons), PGDip Nutrition & Canine Nutrition, MSFTR, CPN.

As well as Member of the American Association of Veterinary Nutrition, FNTP, RFVS, prov APBC, GODT & CHC 


I believe that personal success in every sense of the word can only be achieved from fundamentally truly enjoying what you do in your work and personal life. Surround yourself with work, friends and family that you enjoy being with and give them all the love and attention they deserve.


The very essential question of them all. What is happiness to you? 


Each of team member is inspired to take up the work they do. So, who was or is your biggest inspiration?  

Animals are my biggest inspiration and continue to be on a daily basis 

This is a very specific profession with a very clear task and requires a lot of time and non-stop dedication. Why did you decide to become a nutritionist?    

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s and managed it naturally, diet being one of the main components. Whilst working in practice and noticed many dogs with poor digestive issues and began to question the pet food industry. Surely how I managed my health could be applied to poorly pets too?  

All Rocketo team is aiming to inspire people. So, what qualities in your personal opinion, does it take to be a good nutritionist?  

Flexibility and patience! Nutrition is a subject that incites many passionate opinions and raw nutrition is ever-changing with the world!  

What are key components in pet wellness?

Wellness needs a holistic approach where all elements work together from nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc. there can never be optimal health if one is not sufficiently supported. For our pets, I believe catering to initially the species but also the individual requirements of that animal.  

What is your motto/phrase that you keep repeating to everyone?  

I would say it’s more words than mottos or phrases-Bioavailable, species-appropriate diet, microbiome, individualized nutrition.  

If you would have to choose one ultimate ingredient to boost/improve daily nutrition – what would that be?  

OOh that’s a tough one for a nutritionist! I can’t pick one as it changes with life, seasons, etc. but always Organic if possible!

We are all about food in Rocketo. The question is what food/ingredient you cannot live without? 

It might sound odd to some but I don’t believe in being reliant on one thing. The more we decrease diversity the greater effect it has on our health and the same for our pets!  

We would be happy if you could share your experiences with our readers. Why did you decide to work with ROCKETO?  

Rocketo is pushing the boundaries and ideas or ‘pet food’ it’s a company with the foundational basis of optimal health for humans and this directly relates to our four-pawed family.  

Its Ketogenic focus on food for dogs is directly relatable to the ancestral diet whilst also being incredibly flexible and easy for owners to use.   

Rocketo Supplements are designed around diversity and specialism unique to individual pets with complete Organic sourcing and minimal processing again unique in the pet food world.


The freedom of formulation that Rocketo has given to me along with their strong commitment to nutritional testing is a refreshing, rare approach within the industry.  

Rocketo is flexible and ever-evolving which means pet health is at the forefront of its focus therefore creation of more unique products for optimal pet health will definitely be in its future! 

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