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We wanted to introduce you to  Klaus Wagner – The Greenologist®. He is one of our sustainability and emissions advisors. He owns Greenologe, which is a company that helps Rocketo to “Green Up.”

Klaus is a compassionate man who shows his love for humans and animals in everything he does. Just look at his hobbies/interests. It’s a pleasure to have such a character as part of the Rocketo family.

Academic Achievements

Studied practical farming: Diplom Agrar-Ingenieur (Agricultural University)

Personal philosophy

I believe in helping others who cannot help themselves by showing them how to. Give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach him how to fish, and feed him for a lifetime (Mathew 4:19.) 

I also remain optimistic because people are inherently good, and things are never as bad as they seem to be. 

Hobbies / Interests

Aquaponics: urban farming. Fishes and vegetables together 365 days a year at home. 

Church: I am a priest in my church and praying and preaching every week. 

My job is to take care of the souls in our congregation. 

Africa: I was very often in eastern Africa, and I want to reduce the nutritional problems in the low-income states and, most importantly, my big family with seven children. I love them all!

Favourite Food / Beverage

Authentic foods, wherever it comes from. I am a cultured man, so I love humans and their food heritage. 

A Message from Klaus

Rocketo is an absolutely authentic start-up with dedicated people who want to make the world of dog food more sustainable: to help make dogs’ lives healthier and longer, so their owners can spend more time with them. 


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