MEET OUR TEAM! Timurhan Tastutar

About TIMURHAN (known as just TIMO)

He was introduced to us through a customer, who told us of his brilliance, so we reached out and this was one of the best things that happened to Rocketo, he told us “your food isn’t great, but I can make it better” and that’s exactly what he did!

Timo believes all dog’s should be allowed to be dogs, play in the mud, rough and tumble with each other etc… 

We humans as a society have become more sterile than ever before and use chemicals to do so, this has a negative effect on our immune system because we’re reducing the exposure so our immune system “Isn’t needed” as much, then when something does come a long we haven’t got the resources to fight it, often resulting in pharmaceutical assistance.

Dogs are no exception to this, this is a big reason why Organic/Wild foods should be fed where possible to support them, reducing/eliminating the ultra processed foods is a must to support whole health!

Academic Achievements: PhD in Animal Cardiology/Internal medicine

Personal philosophy: Keep it simple and natural. Don’t let details blur the whole picture.

Hobbies/interests: Cycling, Drumming, Photography, Travelling, Biology and History. 

Favourite Food/Beverage: Mangoes and Watermelons, Lemon Water.

A message from Timo

I became a vet because I developed a deep curiosity and natural affinity to animals and their biology, including cell biology, genetics and biochemistry.

To me, Rocketo is the final form of natural but convenient dog food.

Timo also features in our Rockademy videos with Catherine Edwards our Natural Health Consultant , where she dives into his brain with the all important questions such as this video

This is where they discuss the importance of the gut flora in our dogs and how owners can support it, this in turn supports their immune system.


Curiuos to meet Timo? Check him out on LinkedIn.

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