Raw Organic Keto Orbiters


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Raw Organic Keto Orbiters

This is a healthy and delicious treat filled with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are crucial for many of your pet’s most important tissues and organs.


We believe for a business to be successful it has to demonstrate a win:win:win. What we mean by that is it needs to be a win for:




At Rocketo we know we meet this goal. Here are a few ways we do it:

• Organic, Non-toxic Ingredients

• Responsible Farming or Game Protein

• Dehydrated Raw

• Low in carbs

• Quality & Ethics Standards

• Green Manufacturing Partners


Gently cold pressed organic linen-seeds, organic pumpkin seeds, organic sunflower seeds.


YOU GET APPROX 5 ORBITERS IN EACH PACK – can be broken down to the required size!




Protein 19%
Fat Content 38%
Crude Fiber 26%
Carbohydrates (excl. fibers) 6%
Moisture 7%
Ash 4%

Please ensure that treats fed should not be more than 10% of your dogs daily energy intake.




– Healthy skin and shiny coat
– Supporting the immune system

– Improved weight control
– Healthier digestion





Exclusivity agreements in our supply chain means we can control the quality of our ingredients and food at each stage of its journey to you.


Our manufacturing meets all requirements for human food production and we use organic or ethically wild-caught only ingredients.


Many foods contain a long list of ingredients, often with unpronounceable names that show how many ‘man made’ ingredients are used. We carefully balance our foods, to ensure they have a sufficient range of ingredients at the right percentage to achieve the desired balance.


Due to the gentle air-drying process and tailored ingredients used, there is no need to add any artificial preservatives, vitamins or trace minerals to make our food complete and balanced. We are pretty sure this makes us unique in the global pet food market.

Ingredients are everything

Ingredient Why? Country of Origin
Organic Linen Seeds Contain omega-6 fatty acids which support a healthy skin and shiny coat. They also the best source of Omega-3 fatty acids, also known as alpha-linolenic acids (ALA) which help boost the immune system. Linseeds may also be helpful for dogs with arthritis due to their anti-inflammatory properties. Linseeds are also high in natural fibre (95% of their carbohydrates is fibre) which assist a healthy digestion. They are also a good source of plant protein and molybdenum. Turkey
Organic Sunflower Seeds Great source of high quality omega-6 fatty acids which supports a healthy skin and shiny coat as well as being rich in minerals and Vitamin E (a powerful antioxidant). They are also a healthy source of plant protein. Moldova
Organic Pumpkin Seeds A natural anti-parasitic for internal parasites, a rich source of antioxidants and are very high in natural fibre which can help improve digestion. They also contain high levels of magnesium which help maintain healthy bones as well as helping to regulate blood sugar and pressure. They also contain zinc, copper, vitamin K, vitamin B and omega 3/6 fatty acids. Croatia


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Amazing quality - dog absolutely loves it!
Read More
Good client assistance and the product has good quality. Definitely recommended!
Love it
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Amazing quality products, and amazing for the planet! What is not to love? 100% satisfied and most importantly so are my dogs!
Verified purchaser 12/06/2021
So cronchy
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Great source of crunch for my dog who has severe food allergies, especially meat treats
Verified purchaser 12/06/2021
Healthy treat
Read More
My 1 year old Springerpoo absolutely loves the Leto orbiters. I am sure he would eat the whole bag in one go if given half a chance.
Verified purchaser 18/05/2021
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This and the fish treats are my dogs favorite!
Verified purchaser 13/05/2021
Read More
These are great - easy to pack when out in a longer adventure
Verified purchaser 13/05/2021
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Coco has only had two of these at the moment but she definitely likes them.
Verified purchaser 11/05/2021
Easy to share
Read More
I love these treats, as I can break them up when training
Verified purchaser 08/05/2021
Crunch Crunch
Read More
I recieved some of these for the Hatti-Dog... She loved them! I will be ordering more for her. They most taste good, as she could not get enough, and would have eaten the entire pack in one go, given the chance!
Belletti Chretien
Verified purchaser 07/05/2021
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My dogs are really happy and crazy for this brand i recommend to all Pet lovets
Verified purchaser 07/05/2021
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Just like all the other treats these are perfect if you have a stubborn pup try these mine now sits and waits to be told it’s ok to cross roads he’s mastering recall he has sit and stay down to a tee and leaves when told he will do anything for these treats and you don’t have to feel guilty as there all natural
Sara Patricia
Verified purchaser 03/05/2021
Read More
Really healthy treats!!!
Verified purchaser 26/04/2021
Read More
My ten week old puppy thinks that these are delicious. And it’s an added bonus that they are super healthy!
Verified purchaser 20/04/2021
Gone to seed
Read More
Of all treats, Rocketo and others, this meat-free one is sunny's favourite. Very crunchy.
Verified purchaser 18/04/2021
Read More
All doggies loving it, but I don't like that it is so crumbly.
Verified purchaser 14/04/2021
Dogs think they are Yummy!!!
Read More
I thought I'd give these a try even though they seemed expensive. Well they got my dogs seal of approval alright and I will definitely be buying them again!
Verified purchaser 11/04/2021
Handy & Delicious💚
Read More
My Labrador Max really enjoys these❤️ I like it that they can broken up to make lots of smaller treats💚
Verified purchaser 04/04/2021
Great treat
Read More
My pooch loves these treats he’s only small so we snap smaller bits off for him. He says they are very tasty 😋!
Verified purchaser 25/03/2021
Loved by all
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All my Papillons enjoyed these and as they could be broken down into smaller pieces they were ideal for all of them. Only downside was one of my packets was just tiny pieces and large amounts of seeds as had been crushed in transit
Verified purchaser 25/03/2021
Crunchy heaven
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The keto bites are her all time favorite. And to be honest, I’d eat them too :)
Verified purchaser 06/03/2021
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Best treat food, makes training easier

Feeding Recommendation Chart

Feeding Recommendation

1st order price -25% Recurring price -10% 100% Rocketo Every Second Day Rocketo Twice a Week Rocketo
1KG BAG 0 0
  • Lasts 1 Week
  • Lasts 2 Week
  • Lasts 3 Week
3KG BAG 0 0
  • Lasts 4 Week
  • Lasts 8 Week
  • Lasts 12 Week
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