Whole Fishy Comets

It is an ideal snack for all pets including those with allergies or special diets. Since they are whole, you pet will receive an approved complete and balanced snack.


Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, our whole herring provides numerous health benefits to your dog or cat. It’s no wonder why our whole herring for cats and dogs is so popular among pets and pet parents!


  • Dehydrated-RAW = nutrients remain intact
  • Wild-caught ingredients
  • Zero tolerance for synthetics
  • Zero carbohydrates

4.95 / week


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Benefits that go beyond a healthy diet

Glossy coat
& skin

Appropriately balanced ratio of omega fatty acid to keep inflammation down and ensuring a thick, soft, luxurious coat as well as preventing dry and flaky skin.

Gut health
& digestion

Highly digestible bio available nutrients , no fillers, no starch and low carbs all contribute to superior gut health and small well formed stools.

& intolerances

Organic and wild-sourced proteins free of preservatives, additives or anything synthetic helps reduce or even eliminate food-related intolerances or allergies.


A biologically appropriate diet with low carbohydrates and zero starch helps reset a dogs metabolism allowing for better nutrient absorption and improving weight management.


Zero starch means it cannot stick to the teeth and cause plaque and tartar formation combined with naturally occurring enzymes to help protect the teeth and gums.


We only use fresh ingredients sourced from organic and ethically wild suppliers for the cleanest product and optimal health.
Wild-Caught Air-dried Sea Herring Estonia


ENERGY 458 kcal/100g
Protein 53.5%
Fat Content 26.6%
Crude Fibre <0.5%
Carbohydrates 0.9%
Moisture 10%
Ash 8.5%

Please ensure that treats fed should not be more than 10% of your dogs daily energy intake.




– All dogs
– Reward treats
– Immune system support
– Conditioned skin
– Shinier coat
– Healthy digestion


Dehydrated-RAW – our slow air-drying process at under 21°C ensures the nutritional profile of the ingredients remains intact – this retains the maximum bioavailability of micronutrients & is gentle on the digestive system, as well as naturally preserving – cleanest possible raw food.


ROCKETO’s pioneer dehydrated-raw complete nutrition dog food can be stored in the cupboard and rehydrates to the perfect consistency in minutes.



1KG of air-dried ROCKETO makes 3KG of fresh raw organic food

World-class science-led team

We are run by pan-European team of certified nutritionists, veterinarians, holistic animal biologists & technological innovators.

Hi-end natural innovations

We apply science and cutting edge technology to harness the power of nature and deliver a new standard of complete pet nutrition. We make the best nutrition the most sustainable and convenient.

Low impact business practice

From sourcing to manufacturing processes and packaging — we always are finding ways to operate ethically and sustainably.


Survey from repeat ROCKETO subscribers and one-off customers (n = 150)
95 %
Of customers intend to continue purchasing
92 %
Of dogs started eating within a couple of minutes
98 %
Of customers value first organic and sustainable ingredients
66 %
of customers saw improvements at their dogs within a month


05/05/2022 Verified purchaser
Pooja My dogs loves these!
Read More
My dog absolutely loves these they make the perfect treat also love that they come in a big bag! But why have you changed the fat content it used to be just around 2 or 3% now it’s over 20%? My dog has pancreatitis so unfortunately I won’t be able to repurchase these for him again, such a shame!
17/04/2022 Verified purchaser
Julie Fishy comets are incredible
Read More
Love love these. Simple dried fatty fish (herring). My dog suffers from allergies, so she needs a lot of Omega-3's. Super high value treat and healthy too!
15/04/2022 Verified purchaser
Susan R.
Read More
my doggy loves these...
31/03/2022 Verified purchaser
Pamela Great snack
Read More
Tod keeps asking for these. He sits up and begs and it's tempting to keep giving him more. They are his favourite treat.
29/03/2022 Verified purchaser
Read More
My dogs love these - ideal as a training treat
02/03/2022 Verified purchaser
S My dog LOVES these!
Read More
As soon as I opened the packet of these I knew they were good. First off, they look like a fresh fish, which is what they are, just dehydrated! they smell fresh (unlike some stinky sprat treats from other brands) and I just know they are doing my dog good, as well as being a delicious and much enjoyed treat. Both human and dog are happy. I highly recommend these Comets. The photo shows my dog exercising a lot of patience whilst waiting for one!
23/02/2022 Verified purchaser
Roberta I had to be creative
Read More
Cosmo would not eat this as a snack so I ended up cutting them in pieces and adding it to his rocketo food.
27/12/2021 Verified purchaser
Carine He is not a picky eater anymore!
Read More
My little Jacqou at age 4-5 months was such a picky eater. I had to restrain from hand-feeding him! Come to find out he LOVES the fishy comets. I take one at every meal and break it into small pieces and mix it with his minced complete raw. I then promptly wash my hands, lol. I am afraid of using Omega-3 fish oil because it has a tendency to soften his stools, so this is perfect.
22/12/2021 Verified purchaser
Tadas Small fishies
Read More
Kopa enjoyed every moment when getting this small fish. Delicious treat for puppies and grown up dogs
29/10/2021 Verified purchaser
Micaela Most loved treat!
Read More
My dog's favourite treats!
26/10/2021 Verified purchaser
Pam Yum, yum and more yum
Read More
Really lovely, big, clean, whole fish. ADORED by my dog
22/09/2021 Verified purchaser
Read More
Bailey loves these! I chop them up to use them as training treats - she goes wild for them, her recall has never been so good! They're a really good supplement to her daily food.
22/09/2021 Verified purchaser
Natasha Great treat
Read More
We hide these in the house and our puppy sniffs them out. She loves these. Great treat
14/09/2021 Verified purchaser
Jennifer Best treat ever!
Read More
Totally Arto's favourite treat - he will do absolutely anything for a fishy comet. In fact, he has learnt the words 'fishy comet' now and his ears perk up!!! We have a bag under the sink and each time we open the door he rushes over. The hard part has been teaching him to take them softly out of our hands rather than snatching!!
11/09/2021 Verified purchaser
Patricia Great product!
Read More
Wonderful discovery, loved by both of our dogs.
04/09/2021 Verified purchaser
Hannah Smelly, but worth it
Read More
A great snack to give that’s amazing for their health
04/09/2021 Verified purchaser
Jack The dogs love these
Read More
My dogs live these There cost have become alot more shinny since having these
19/08/2021 Verified purchaser
Read More
Amazing, very high quality
11/08/2021 Verified purchaser
Veronique It's a HIT!
Read More
My boys absolutely love these and can't get enough of them! They get one or two for excellent behaviour 👍
10/08/2021 Verified purchaser
Read More
Great low calorie high value (aka smelly and delicious) treats for our Jack-Chi! Easy to break into smaller pieces if needed or can be given as a whole thing to crunch away as a special treat. They are completely dried so if you don't mind your pocket smelling a bit funky they're easy to take with you on walks as well!
07/08/2021 Verified purchaser
Read More
My mini dachshunds absolutely love these treats. Now o e of their favourite things 🐟
31/07/2021 Verified purchaser
Read More
My dog loves this snack and it is so good for her!
29/07/2021 Verified purchaser
Leila Did you say FISH?
Read More
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy... it's fishy time again! Yeah!
08/07/2021 Verified purchaser
Read More
Great product, my dog loves these and asks for more!
30/06/2021 Verified purchaser
Helen How can something so good for them be so exciting?
Read More
He loves them - he’s only 12 weeks, so I do find discarded fish 🐠 heads now and again, but he loves the rest!
30/06/2021 Verified purchaser
Kay Healthy little treats
Read More
My dog has a tendency to be a bit overweight so I am pleased to have found these fishy comets to give him as a low fat healthy treat. He absolutely loves them . I dont have to worry about the ingredients because I can see (and smell!) that they are just dried fish. Even the cat has been known to enjoy one on occasion which proves they are a high quality food.
29/06/2021 Verified purchaser
Irina Perfect treat
Read More
My dog loves any of the rocketo treats! Definitely must buy
29/06/2021 Verified purchaser
Calum Fun and tasty
Read More
Indy was super excited to get a comet. It’s like he knew he was getting a real treat for the first time!
14/06/2021 Verified purchaser
Julie Fish
Read More
Molly didn't like, but friends Scottie did.
28/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Ashworth Dehydrated-Raw Wild Fishy Comets
Read More
Fantastic product for a healthy snack when we are out walking and end up sitting outside at our favourite bar. Carlos & Queenie both love them.
25/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Katarina Give it to me
Read More
My favorite snack. A small nice fish that I get every morning.
23/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Read More
Not just Bella loves the little fishes.
23/05/2021 Verified purchaser
David F My dog absolutely loved these treats!
Read More
My dog Sting really liked these tasty treats.
20/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Trudy Very tasty
Read More
Both dogs loved these😁
19/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Caroline Favourite Treat
Read More
These fishy comets are a lot larger then sprats I have purchased before, they seem more substantial and are very good for my dogs health as a treat.
19/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Arlene Definitely the favorite treat
Read More
I wasn't sure about getting these but they are without a doubt my pups favorite treat. He goes crazy for them. It took me weeks to get a photo of him eating one because he rolls and jumps about with excitement every single time I give him one.
18/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Read More
Dogs love them
13/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Read More
Penny loves these fishies that much, she can’t wait for me to open the box to get to them!
11/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Vicky Yummy
Read More
Well loved :)
09/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Janice They love these
Read More
My 2 labs love love love this fishy treats. They don't smell too bad and the pack lasted ages. Will definitely be buying again.
08/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Morag Loved by our dogs
Read More
Both our papillons LOVE these, and start springing and spinning as soon as they see the packet. They're a bit smelly, obviously, but that's the be expected!
04/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Rowenna Perfect for cat and dog
Read More
Cat and dog love sharing these! Very popular with the pets in our house
03/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Read More
These raw hydrated fishes are a great way to give your dog some omega 3 in his diet! Very healty snack and my dogs really likes to eat these fishes .
02/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Mark These things they stand on two legs for!
Read More
Better than the meteorites, and the crunch as they chomp on them! `They hear the bag - and then there is the thunder of paws as they hurtle (seriously - no control!) to the kitchen. Then they sing, stand on two legs, yip, and once they have them - one remains - because the others scatter to the four winds! Good to know its healthy for them too.
30/04/2021 Verified purchaser
Vicki Excellent scent training treats
Read More
These are great to keep Roka entertained....hide a few around the house and asking him to sniff them out. Handy for the working from home Teams calls when you need 10 mins quiet!
27/04/2021 Verified purchaser
Emily Always come running and do any obedience you ask them
Read More
Look at those noses says it all!
25/04/2021 Verified purchaser
Alex Smiley fishes
Read More
My dogs just love these. Coffee time treat!
18/04/2021 Verified purchaser
Catherine They love these
Read More
one of my dogs tends to podgy if she gets too many treats but if the other one's getting a treat, she's there. So these are ideal.
16/04/2021 Verified purchaser
Read More
My jack russells loveeee the fishy comets. I love them too because they're well-priced compared to local pet stores in Amsterdam!
12/04/2021 Verified purchaser
Read More
11/04/2021 Verified purchaser
Richard A tasty treat
Read More
My dog loves these treats and it’s great that they are so good for her
08/04/2021 Verified purchaser
PAT Fishy treats - Oh Yummy !!!
Read More
Coco loves these - nearly knocked me to the flook trying to get number 2!!!
06/04/2021 Verified purchaser
Loreta Fantastic
Read More
Francė loves it!
05/04/2021 Verified purchaser
Stinky but delicious!
Read More
My 2 pooches absolutely adore these stinky little dried fish. The fish really stink, but are worth it. They are whole, dried fish about the length of my middle finger. They last several months as they are air dried. Highly recommend.
02/04/2021 Verified purchaser
Vanessa Healthy treats
Read More
Such a great treat to be able to give my dogs - no fillers, wheat or anything else that might harm them. Just simple dried fish that they love
27/03/2021 Verified purchaser
Lady Nicola-Jayne Can't eat enough of them
Read More
I purchased the fish a healthy alternative to shop purchased treats. I was worried to purchase at first but I needn't have been, my chihuahua loves them. I'm so happy that I did purchase them from you. She had put on some extra weight so this is a fantastic treat to give. Don't know why I was worried, as everytime I purchase from you my rescued chihuahua loves ❤ to eat
20/03/2021 Verified purchaser
Vicky Brilliant treats
Read More
HENDRIX loves them
20/03/2021 Verified purchaser
Read More
Kasztelan is enjoying not only daily meal with beef rocketo, but also various snacks. Those lovely fishes are his favourite.
20/03/2021 Verified purchaser
Rachel Stinky but popular
Read More
My dog loves these! They are quite smelly (unsurprising) but I suppose that is part of the appeal!
12/03/2021 Verified purchaser
Sandra Yummy! I like these little fish
Read More
Healthy and tasty treats, what else I can ask for? Would highly recommend :)
08/03/2021 Verified purchaser
Christopher Treats made in heaven
Read More
My Lulu can't get enough of these. A great product that will regularly be on my order list.
07/03/2021 Verified purchaser
Melissa Great longer-lasting treat
Read More
These treats work wonders when I'm trying to get Ralph to sit still during grooming sessions. He stops noticing there's a hairdryer immediately!
06/03/2021 Verified purchaser
Glenda Treats
Read More
A perfect treat for my dog
05/03/2021 Verified purchaser
Read More
such a good treat and Moro absolutely loves them! perfect for topping off her meals or as a big reward for training


frequently asked question

In today’s modern world, many people have lost touch with what ‘real’ food is and how important it is to health and wellbeing. This applies equally to us and our dogs. It is a sad reality that humans are the only species on the planet that has lost the ability to feed themselves healthily (Bill Tara, Eating As If All LIfe Matters), but what may be even sadder is that humans make all the decisions on behalf of their dogs, including what and when they eat. Read More

A lot of enzymes, vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins, are really sensitive to heat. Since we keep the heat in all stages of the process below 40 degrees, we avoid vitamins and amino acids changing their form. By keeping the food in its original form, the intestinal tract and microbiome of the dog can recognise, absorb and utilise all the nutrients. This means that all the goodness is available to the dog, and the dogs digestive system and organs don’t have to overwork to access these. Read More

As a civilisation, we have overused our land. The food produced therefore is not only nutritionally deprived, meaning that it lacks essential minerals, but also it can come with unwanted toxins, such as glyphosate, growth factors, antibiotics to name but a few. We try to avoid all of these, as they can cause harm in the dogs body. This is why we only use certified organic products, or wild produced ingredients where they are again away from chemicals used in their production. Read More

Most of our customers are passionate about helping the environment, and so are we. How does our food, and the way we produce it, help the environment? We are passionate about our beautiful planet, and all that lives on it. Because our food is dehydrated with air, it does not ned to be frozen after production, in transport or when with the customer. This has huge energy savings at each stage of the foods journey. It also makes it much more convenient and cost effective for the owner to store at home., It can be treated like any dry food, just kept away from heat, damp and light sources, and just adding fresh warm water (from the kettle not the hot tap!) before feeding to give the perfect water levels for health. Read More

Feeding puppies is an exciting and important time for all animal parents! Giving your puppy the best possible start in life will affect their long term physical and emotional health. This guide is a basic introduction to some key points, and is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to everything needed for feeding puppies. It will tell you why and how Rocketo can be an important part of your puppies diet, and how to use it. Read More
Why is this important to dogs? Although humans are really efficient at digesting carbohydrates, most of the dogs are not. As dogs evolved from a common ancestor with wolves, they also evolved to digest some of the starch and sugars, but that doesn’t mean they thrive on it – there is a BIG difference between thriving and surviving. The only carbohydrates that a dog would eat in the wild are those that are already partially digested in the stomach and gut of their prey, and some grazing on fruits and vegetation when needed. Alas most modern dog foods are highly processed and many contain very high levels of carbohydrates. Read More

Feeding Recommendation Chart

Feeding Recommendation

Bag will last 100% Rocketo Every Second Day Rocketo Twice a Week Rocketo
  • Lasts 1 Week
  • Lasts 2 Week
  • Lasts 3 Week
  • Lasts 4 Week
  • Lasts 8 Week
  • Lasts 12 Week

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