Organic Skin & Coat Herbal Blend

GLOW WITH HEALTH FROM INSIDE OUT. HALO supports skin and ear healing via addressing the root cause of the issue, not by suppressing the symptoms. We recommend feeding this supplement for an initial 8 week period, to allow the body to heal. Safe for ongoing use.


All of the ingredients in HALO are full of natural antioxidants. These are vital for skin health, as they protect against disease by fighting free radical damage within the body and accelerate the healing process.


29.95 / week


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Certified EU

No fillers.
No colours.

& Toxin-free

& Gluten-free

Created by Vets
& Nutritionists


We only use fresh ingredients sourced from organic and ethically wild suppliers for the cleanest product and optimal health.
Organic Dehydrated Nettle Leaves Ukraine
Organic Dehydrated Spinach Germany
Organic Dehydrated Spinach Germany
Organic Dehydrated Marigold Flower Portugal
Organic Dehydrated Apples Germany
Organic Dehydrated Chamomile Egypt
Organic Dehydrated Sea Buckthorn Poland
Organic Reishi Mushroom Extract Finland
Organic Chaga Mushroom Extract Finland


ENERGY 271 kcal/100g
Protein 14.3%
Fat Content 4.4%
Crude fibre 37.5%
Carbohydrates 24.7%
Moisture 8.8%
Ash 10.3%

The easiest way to use HALO is to simply mix it into your dog’s food.

Dehydrated-RAW – our slow air-drying process at under 40°C ensures the nutritional profile of the ingredients remains intact – this retains the maximum bioavailability of micronutrients & is gentle on the digestive system, as well as naturally preserving – cleanest possible herbal supplement.

Inspired by nature.
Rooted in

Created by professionals.


Animal Nutritionist
"How could we improve pets’ diet?"


Animal Biologist
"How to fix skin, coat, and ear conditions?"


Life science backed organic herbal blends to support dog’s health goals


Our slow air-drying process at under 40°C ensures the nutritional profile of the ingredients remains intact – this retains the maximum bioavailability of micronutrients & is gentle on the digestive system, as well as naturally preserving – cleanest possible raw food.

Easy to serve

Just sprinkle on your dog’s or cat’s food. And if your pet prefers, you can mix it with a little bit of warm water to make it into a little gravy and pour that over their food.

Healthy & delicious

Perfect natural consistency, and highly palatable for optimal health goals.

Zero synthetics policy

No synthesized vitamins or minerals. No fillers. No colors. No GMO. No in-active ingredients. 100% natural and certified EU organic.

Convenient to store

100% safe to store in your cupboard, naturally preserved through dehydration with a shelf life of 1 year


Just sprinkle on your dog’s or cat’s food. And if your pet prefers, you can mix it with a little bit of warm water to make it into a little gravy and pour that over their food.


Dog weight Serving * Jar lasting
> 5 KG< 1 ¾ scoop28 weeks
5–10 KG1 ¾ - 2 ½ scoop14 weeks
10–20 kg2 ½ - 5 scoops7 weeks
20–30 kg5 - 7 ½ scoops5 weeks
30-40 kg7 ½ - 10 scoops3 weeks
40–50 kg10 - 12 ½ scoops2 weeks


Only science-backed, traceable, human-grade and certified organic ingredients


Spinach, Nettle, Wakame
Because of its nourishing, diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties, greens are natural beautifiers to skin and hair.


Sea buckthorn, Rosehip
Shown to reduce DNA damage, reduce inflammation, and support circulation and digestion, they are an excellent support to healing skin issues.


Reishi, Chaga
Rich in antioxidants that helps protect skin cells from accelerated ageing and premature death, and helps to balance skin pH and lipid levels. Mushrooms are naturally anti inflammatory and possess anti-tyrosinase activity that improve inflammatory skin conditions.


Calendula, Chamomile
The antibacterial properties are vital for healing skin and ear issues, as often secondary bacterial infections can take hold quickly due to scratching letting infection in. Great at improving skin firmness and hydration.



Survey from repeat ROCKETO subscribers and one-off customers (n = 150)
95 %
Of customers intend to continue purchasing
92 %
Of dogs started eating within a couple of minutes
98 %
Of customers value first organic and sustainable ingredients
66 %
of customers saw improvements at their dogs within a month


27/02/2022 Verified purchaser
Read More
My boy was licking his paw raw. We tried lotion from the vet but nothing was working then I came across Halo and ordered some. He’s completely stopped the excessive licking now!
17/02/2022 Verified purchaser
hannah The green powder
Read More
Rocky is better than m, most of my Nutritional clients when eating his greens powder. Agai8n I can not fault this product. It's full of everything he needs to keep his skin and coat healthy. His coat is shiny, healthy and thick, which I used to think was down to the red peppers he eats but probably more so down to Halo!
05/01/2022 Verified purchaser
David Amazing
Read More
I bought this on the off chance it would help with my dogs itchy skin problems and I’ve been amazed how quickly (within two weeks) it has worked. He is a different dog now, much more relaxed and happy and not chewing or scratching himself.
29/12/2021 Verified purchaser
Jada Amazing extra with the food
Read More
After using this alongside the dried raw food, I have clean ears and no scratching. 100% recommend this product its fabulous.
22/11/2021 Verified purchaser
Gabi Seeing a change already
Read More
My husky malamute cross suffers with numerous allergies. I have only used on tub and there is a definate improvement already I am confident once used for the 8 weeks there will be even further improvement Just ordered another 3 tubs
16/11/2021 Verified purchaser
Amanda Healthy coat
Read More
Thor was itchy and his coat was dull but after using Halo he doesn't scratch and lick hardly and his coat has got his shine back
29/10/2021 Verified purchaser
Micaela Recommended
Read More
Highly nutritious. I'd definitely repurchase it.
29/10/2021 Verified purchaser
Read More
Excellent service, kept up to date with progress of order. My dog doesn’t mind it on his food and hopefully will help with him scratching.
12/10/2021 Verified purchaser
Anne Peace at last
Read More
I only been using this for 3 days now and diffrence is amazing even the first night we noticed the diffrence that night it was ‘calm and no itching we havnt had this for months and I had been to vets 3 times but no lasting joy, So the dogs are happy at last Thank you all and dogs are sleeping happily
30/09/2021 Verified purchaser
Chloe my dog loves it!
Read More
been using for nearly a month and my dog loves his dinners
21/09/2021 Verified purchaser
Neil Tilly allergy
Read More
We have tried everything for my dogs allergy , food , injection, tablets , steroids you name it but finally something that actually works. Thank you rocketo
18/09/2021 Verified purchaser
Nathan Great Results
Read More
Chow Chow's are renowned for skin conditions, our 2 Chow Chows have been on this for 3 weeks and their skin and coat are feeling and looking so much better.
11/09/2021 Verified purchaser
Tori Glowing pooch
Read More
Only be using this for a couple of weeks now,but can already see a difference.
09/09/2021 Verified purchaser
Emily Great
Read More
Value for money for sure!!
05/09/2021 Verified purchaser
david good
Read More
only been using the product for about a week now but my dog is definitely not scratching as much as he was when he was not taking halo so up to now i think that it is working i hope lol thank you i will definitely be buying more if it can sop him scratching altogether i have tried all sorts of stuff but this seems to be working
04/09/2021 Verified purchaser
Hannah Super easy to implement into daily diet
Read More
Bowie’s coat (Cockapoo) is so soft and thick and very regular bowel movements (TMI!) since putting this into her morning meal
04/09/2021 Verified purchaser
Jack Halo
Read More
Great results from 2 weeks
01/09/2021 Verified purchaser
Leonardo Amazing product
Read More
You can see results with in a week , his coat is shiny and he has more life in him
30/08/2021 Verified purchaser
ANDREW Excellent product
Read More
The product is good. My disappointment comes on delivery time and price. I would by the food as well but price is to high. If they could get the price nearer to tin food and quicker delivery , I would definitely purchase.
29/08/2021 Verified purchaser
ray Excellent product
Read More
Excellent quality, dogs love it, seen a good improvement
29/08/2021 Verified purchaser
Natalie Great
Read More
I think it works well and my pup eats in up. Not sure if it works or not but I think it does.
28/08/2021 Verified purchaser
louise Green magic
Read More
Only been using the halo for a few days but already noticed less itching and not so smelly 😊
26/08/2021 Verified purchaser
Vivienne My dogs likes this blend
Read More
Easy to add to the (Rocketo) food, my dogs skin condition is already so much better (less itching and no longer the 'fritos-feet-smell"
16/07/2021 Verified purchaser
Philippa No Taste
Read More
I have put one of my dogs on to this product, hoping it will solve her itchy feet. Although she is not really fussy with what she eats, she didn't even pause before devouring the meal in front of her! It obviously doesn't have a smell or taste that she didn't like! Keeping my fingers crossed that it helps her.
14/07/2021 Verified purchaser
donna Glow blend
Read More
Highly recommend this product. My dog was suffering so much with allergies, started adding the glow blend daily after approx 9 days he stopped scratching. The jar lasts a long time.
15/06/2021 Verified purchaser
Read More
since giving this to my dog she has almos stopped scratching and nibbeling her paws , i am very pleased with it . Thank you .
13/06/2021 Verified purchaser
Jemma Not too sure if it's working
Read More
My dog has IBD and the recommended vet foods made him deteriorate fast. So we are trying a natural approach. We sprinkle this on his wet food and he eats it. He's in recovery now but not sure how much of that is down to these herbs. Would buy again tho in case it is a contributing factor.
11/06/2021 Verified purchaser
Merete Fantastic product
Read More
Bought to help my Shar Pei with itching. Wonderful after 10 days useno more itching
08/06/2021 Verified purchaser
Janet Halo
Read More
Great product, has really helped my dog's itching. Very happy.
02/06/2021 Verified purchaser
ALEXANDROS Perfect product
Read More
Really,this product help my dog with her seasonal allergies.I used it in her food 1 month now and i 'm really impressed.
02/06/2021 Verified purchaser
Read More
My dog loves this, and it’s so easy to mix with her food. Also, it goes a long way.
21/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Juliette Love this!
Read More
I love giving my dog supplements and I do think he benefits from this! I just mix it in his food and no problem eating it! My boy looks great🥰😍
15/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Dani Great concept
Read More
Love the idea of this - hopefully will prevent my dogs persistent ear infections
14/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Ashanti Cannot wait to try
Read More
My dog has been scratching under his belly constantly for the last few days and I cannot see anything there . He also has ear wax quite regularly, i feed him raw so I am hooding that with these added herbs the itching will stop and his ears won’t be as dirty
11/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Janice Ears and tears
Read More
1 of our boys has a waxy ear the other has tear stains and the other is just fine. So trying this to see if we can sort the 2 out. Still early days.


frequently asked question

Supplements can be given to cats as well.

Yes, you can give Halo to your puppy, half a teaspoon a day.


Yes this is fine as their mode of action is completely different, however, there is now lots of research to show that pro/prebiotics should not be used long term, so I would recommend that you switch to our Gutomiser, which is a fermented Soil Based Microorganism product and safe and effective for long term use.


Feeding Recommendation Chart

Feeding Recommendation

Bag will last 100% Rocketo Every Second Day Rocketo Twice a Week Rocketo
  • Lasts 1 Week
  • Lasts 2 Week
  • Lasts 3 Week
  • Lasts 4 Week
  • Lasts 8 Week
  • Lasts 12 Week

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