Dehydrated-RAW Organic Chicken


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Dehydrated-RAW Organic Chicken

SAFE, EASY, NUTRITIOUS, REAL COMPLETE PET FOOD FOR DOGS OF ALL AGES AND BREEDS ROCKETO starts from 100% human-grade ingredients, from organic certified sustainable farms or ethically wild sourced. These ingredients are then gently air-dried at just under 40°C ensuring the vitamins, nutrients and enzymes remain intact and thereby retaining all the nutritional benefits of a raw food diet.


We believe for a business to be successful it has to demonstrate a win:win:win. What we mean by that is it needs to be a win for:




At Rocketo we know we meet this goal. Here are a few ways we do it:

• Organic, Non-toxic Ingredients

• Responsible Farming or Game Protein

• Dehydrated Raw

• Low in carbs

• Quality & Ethics Standards

• Green Manufacturing Partners


Dehydrated organic chicken meat and dehydrated organic chicken hearts (70%), dehydrated organic coconut, dehydrated organic apples, organic chia seeds, brewer’s yeast, dehydrated organic parsley, dehydrated organic kelp, organic linseeds, organic sunflower seeds, dehydrated red algae.


Due to the gentle air drying process and tailored ingredients used, there is no need to add any artificial preservatives, vitamins or trace minerals to this diet to make it complete and balanced.


Dehydration temperature – 40°C
Dehydration time – 52 hours


Protein 43% 18%
Fat Content 28% 11%
Crude Fiber 6% 2%
Carbohydrates 7% 3%
Moisture 7% 62%
Ash 9% 4%
Calcium 1000mg 1000mg
Phosphorus 480mg 480mg
Omega 3 1.52% 0.50%
Omega 6 1.80% 0.60%


– Enhanced digestive health
– Improved weight control
– Healthier skin & coat
– Immune system support




Exclusivity agreements in our supply chain means we can control the quality of our ingredients and food at each stage of its journey to you.


Our manufacturing meets all requirements for human food production and we use organic or ethically wild-caught only ingredients.


Many foods contain a long list of ingredients, often with unpronounceable names that show how many ‘man made’ ingredients are used. We carefully balance our foods, to ensure they have a sufficient range of ingredients at the right percentage to achieve the desired balance.


Due to the gentle air-drying process and tailored ingredients used, there is no need to add any artificial preservatives, vitamins or trace minerals to make our food complete and balanced. We are pretty sure this makes us unique in the global pet food market.

Ingredients are everything

Ingredient Why? Country of Origin
Dehydrated Organic Chicken Meat A great source of protein which provides dogs with lots of energy. A good source of essential amino acids and glucosamine. It is considered a lean meat and it may provide many benefits to dogs. Poland
Dehydrated Organic Chicken Hearts High in protein, fat, and vitamins B2, B6, B12, folate, iron, zinc, and other minerals Poland
Dehydrated Organic Coconut Flakes Very high quality energy source in fat form. Good amount of fibre and minerals. and it replaces starchy vegetables as a fibre source, without adding starch to the system, whilst keeping the energy, vitamins, minerals and fibre that a dog would normally get from the prey’s digestive tract Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand
Dehydrated Organic Apples Rich in vitamins and minerals. Also contributes to the fibres. High quality carbohydrate source without starch. Poland
Organic Chia Seeds Good source of protein and minerals, great source of omega 3 fatty acids, good source of fibre, rich in vitamin B1, iron, copper, calcium, manganesse, selenium and leucine. A true superfood Paraguay
Brewer’s Yeast Rich source of all B vitamins (except 12), full of fibre and minerals. It completes animal based nutrient profile. Also very appealing to dogs. Poland
Dehydrated Organic Parsley Vitamin C, fibre and calcium and a good source of chlorophyll Germany
Dehydrated Organic Kelp Kelp is high in antioxidants, including carotenoids and flavonoids, which help fight against disease-causing free radicals. Regulates gland activity in the thyroid, pituitary, and adrenal glands. Helps reduce inflammation and itching so it’s helpful for dogs with skin allergies. Ireland
Organic Linseeds Linseeds (also known as flaxseeds) contain omega-6 fatty acids which support a healthy skin and shiny coat. They also the best source of Omega-3 fatty acids, also known as alpha-linolenic acids (ALA) which help boost the immune system. Linseeds may also be helpful for dogs with arthritis due to their anti-inflammatory properties. Linseeds are also high in natural fibre (95% of their carbohydrates is fibre) which assist a healthy digestion. They are also a good source of plant protein and molybdenum India
Organic Sunflower Seeds Good quality omega 6, rich in minerals and anti-oxidants. Good source of plant protein. Moldova
Dehydrated Red Algae Source of organic calcium. Its residue consists of 98% calcium carbonate. A very good alternative to bone powder, which is hard to produce in raw and organic quality. Very good bioavailability. France




APPEARANCE Looks like real food Looks like kibble or mash
AIR-DRYING TEMPERATURE UP TO 40°C (nutrients & enzymes intact)
100% NATURAL MINERALS & VITAMINS (no synthetic additives to make food complete)


It takes more than 4 kg of fresh raw ingredients to make 1 kg of air-dried ROCKETO.

Honesty is our policy but, we have to admit, our box is deceiving. It only weighs 3 kg, yet makes around 10 kg of fresh food. Gentle dehydration not only retains more nutrients, but it’s highly concentrated as well. So simply adding a little water gets you 3x a box’s weight in meals.


mix with warm wateR

Exclusivity agreements in our supply chain means we know where ingredients come from and where they’re going.

wait for 3-5 Minutes

Our manufacturing meets all requirements for human food production, and it is powered by 100% solar energy.

serve with love

We work with a team of medical veterinary advisors to ensure our products are as safe as possible.


Verified purchaser 26/07/2021
From picky eater to food guzzler
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My Maltese puppy had become so fussy, wouldn't eat out of a bowl, didn't eat all her meals and lost a bit of weight. One month in and Daisy runs to her bowl when my Alexa 5 min alarm goes off and wolfs the lot. She loves her food now
Verified purchaser 24/07/2021
He loves it
Read More
I think this is a very high quality product.
Verified purchaser 12/07/2021
Read More
My dog loves this food. He looks leaner and his coat has improved 😊
Verified purchaser 10/07/2021
Jumps for it
Read More
My pup absolutely loves this food, she sits and waits intently while I prepare it. I'ts gone in seconds. Im really happy to find something healthy, easy to prepare and that we can take on holidays with us. Thanks Rocketo
Verified purchaser 10/07/2021
My dog is a fussy eater and he loves this
Read More
This is Beau's favorite food. He likes it more than the other brand of raw food that he was eating before and he prefers it over the Perch that I also ordered from Rocketo.
Verified purchaser 09/07/2021
The love it
Read More
Our two cockapoo love this food. We did a straight swap from frozen raw with no problems. Thank you Rocketo!
Verified purchaser 29/06/2021
Even smells amazing
Read More
Indy was thrilled when we opened the bag for the first time. Rather than the overpowering smell you get when opening a back of dog food, this smells like when you’re in a farm shop. He licked the bowl clean too!
Verified purchaser 25/06/2021
A tasty change
Read More
I've no doubt this is very healthy and Jussi enjoys it as a change from her usual but she won't eat it at every meal. To be fair, she does this with everything - she likes variety, and this gives us another option for her, which is great.
Verified purchaser 24/06/2021
Excellent food
Read More
Charlie has been on rockoto for a while she is always complemented on her shiny coat. She is active and loves her food.
Verified purchaser 15/06/2021
Happy me, happy Pickle
Read More
I raw fed pickle in her early years but was advised to stop by my vet after she developed severe inflammation of her digestive tract. Two nearly fatal flare ups. She’s has two severe allergies, white fish and maize. I have been feeding top quality grain free meat and kibble but felt she was always a bit lack lustre. Dehydrated raw food seemed a good alternative but many varieties contain fish or fish oil and with her allergy she cannot have them. Then I found Rocketo. The first chicken dinner I prepared had her jumping up at the counter while it soaked and was gobbled down and the bowl licked clean of every scrap. The beef variety was the same. She is full of beans, her coat seems to be getting thicker, she has thinning as a result of long term steroids and she is bright and eager to play. Her poo tended to be very hard on her previous diet which caused gland issues but her poo now is softer but dry. A perfect pick up. We are both very impressed with Rocketo so far and look forward to seeing long term results.
Verified purchaser 12/06/2021
Their new fave food
Read More
I’m building up to using this as their sole food. Great product
Verified purchaser 12/06/2021
Great food
Read More
Just started the process of transitioning my 1 year Springerpoo to Rocketo. So far he loves the food (he has the chicken flavour). He did pause at first, but I think that is because the food looks very different to the canned food and kibble he was previously eating. Would definitely recommend.
Verified purchaser 08/06/2021
Read More
My 2 huskies love this food
Verified purchaser 02/06/2021
Best food ever!
Read More
So glad I found Rocketo! This is excellent and my dog licks her dish clean, best raw food out there!
Verified purchaser 31/05/2021
So convenient
Read More
I’ve tried other raw food, but having to defrost isn’t always practical or convenient. This works perfectly for our new pup and I can be confident he’s getting the right balance of nutrients. Our 9 month old puppy absolutely loves the food and I’ve already recommended to friends.
Verified purchaser 28/05/2021
Dehydrated-Raw Organic Chicken
Read More
Carlos absolutely loved this product but unfortunately it didn't agree with him. Appeared to trigger off his colitis. I have read some dogs do not react well to chicken and this proved it. We will stick with the beef and perch products for Carlos.
Verified purchaser 25/05/2021
Raw the convenient way
Read More
No freezer space, lighter and more environmentally friendly... what’s not to love?! Pumba really enjoys this flavour and we love his breath and that we can easily store & travel with it. Triple win!
Verified purchaser 19/05/2021
Mallo’s second Favourite
Read More
It smells delicious - seemingly tastes delicious - and packed with carefully sourced (and researched) products.
Verified purchaser 16/05/2021
Chicken lover
Read More
Our picky Boston Terrier licks his bowl clean when we give him his chicken dinner… it even smells tasty! He will go back to his bowl several times after finishing his dinner to make sure he gets every last bit. He loves it!
Verified purchaser 16/05/2021
Read More
Dora likes this food very much and it is very easy to prepare.
Verified purchaser 11/05/2021
one happy dog!
Read More
my rescue dog Pushkin from Bulgaria was on the street for two years and came to me in a very bad condition. he was on a barf diet for two years then normal food but has a very dry itchy skin with dandruff and since being on the dehydrated-raw chicken his skin and fur condition has dramatically improved and no longer scratches all day long. He loves his new food and licks his bowl clean every meal time. The food lasts for ages and its very easy to keep and use.
Verified purchaser 10/05/2021
Read More
My dog instantly loved this new food and I'll continue to buy it!
Verified purchaser 09/05/2021
Rory’s new fave
Read More
Rory loves his Rocketo, it’s a great alternative to standard kibble and meat!
Verified purchaser 07/05/2021
Eddie's obsessed
Read More
Eddie used to be fairly blase about food, even raw but now he's is obsessed. He started asking earlier each day for food so now I split his meal into 2 or 3 portions just to calm him down
Verified purchaser 04/05/2021
Switched from Fresh/Frozen Raw
Read More
Our 11 month old Staffy is a fussy little lady and turned her nose up to most raw brands. We finally stumbled on Rocketo and decided to give it a go. From the first bowl, she started wolfing down her new meals and now gets excited at dinner time! Shiny coat, bright eyes and wagging tail! The convenience aspect is a massive win too!
Verified purchaser 03/05/2021
Super easy
Read More
I loved the idea of raw food but was put off. This is so easy to do and Ruskin loves it so much. He gets so excited when I'm getting it ready he stares waiting. We had no problem transitioning him across.
Verified purchaser 03/05/2021
She loves it!
Read More
My dog Holly became very fussy about her food after a period of ill health a couple of years ago. She had previously loved her food, eating raw - both completes and homemade, but after being poorly, she lost all interest so we have been trying to find ways to persuade her to eat. We tried all sorts as toppings on her food or supplemental foods, she turns her nose up at most wet foods, and she has had bad reactions to the high quality dry or cold pressed foods we were able to tempt her with. I bought this as a supplemental food to feed alongside her raw foods. As soon as I opened the package of Rocketo, Holly appeared magically in the kitchen doorway with her nose twitching and watched carefully while I prepared her a small portion to try. She was really excited! She loved the food and once you get her eating, she'll eat a whole meal, so she wolfed down the Rocketo and a portion of raw food too. She enjoyed it so much. It looks a bit like packet stuffing which made me smile, I'm imagining it as her having her usual beef or turkey or whatever with Rocketo stuffing on the side! She's had it as an addition to her usual raw foods each day for about a week now and she's still enjoying it. It's early days yet while we make sure that she doesn't have a reaction to it, but so far very positive. It's just so good to see her eating and enjoying it too.
Verified purchaser 03/05/2021
Loved by fussy eater
Read More
My dog is very fussy but goes mad for this stuff even when the bag opens
Verified purchaser 29/04/2021
Puppy Loves this!
Read More
Our puppy absolutely loves this food! He's also much less gassy than on his previous kibble diet. Would recommend
Verified purchaser 26/04/2021
Read More
Dogs enjoy this one and I like it as I can take it to work with me in a small tin for them- no smells or slop on anything!
Verified purchaser 24/04/2021
Our puppy (Border Collie - Bram) can’t get enough of this......
Read More
Bram (our Border Collie) 4mth puppy can’t get enough of this......he devoures it in seconds and always wants more. The smell is way more pleasant than the grass fed beef, and is much smaller chunks than the beef, so absolutely perfect for his puppy mouth and tummy. He is at my side from the minute I get the bag, whining and jumping at the worktop until it’s mixed, then he does sit patiently for the allotted time for it to re-hydrate. Also I can definitely say his poops are much better for having Rocketo in his diet!!
Verified purchaser 24/04/2021
Dehydrated raw organic chicken
Read More
The dogs just love the chicken raw dehydrated. So easy to prepare and no mess! Clean bowls every time
Verified purchaser 21/04/2021
Excellent product
Read More
Moved my dog off raw frozen to Rocketo and he loves it even more. So much more practical and eco friendly than frozen raw
Verified purchaser 18/04/2021
Ideal for travelling
Read More
We normally feed raw frozen, which is impractical for travelling. This is a healthy alternative and they love it.
Verified purchaser 18/04/2021
Read More
No doubt that the taste is good. I think the meat pieces are very tiny.
Verified purchaser 12/04/2021
Amazing 🤩
Read More
Fab product absolutely enjoyed by my border collie puppy 🐶🥰
Verified purchaser 11/04/2021
Read More
My dog loves the chicken, it’s so easy to prepare and it’s gone very quickly!
Verified purchaser 10/04/2021
Read More
She loves it. Food time has become reverential! She keeps licking the bowl even when there is clearly nothing left!
Verified purchaser 08/04/2021
Fussy girls
Read More
Both my girls loved this dried food.
Verified purchaser 07/04/2021
New to Rocketo
Read More
We were new to Rocketo and took a leap of faith after seeing an advert after searching for RAW alternatives to kibble which we had been encouraged to use. The package arrived and was impressive, well-thought-out non-plastic packaging, good instructions and then the real test, the tasting. So far we have tried Chicken - Beef - Perch and number one with Ruadhán is the Organic Chicken followed closely by Beef. When served it seriously looks good and smells good. We have had no issues transitioning to Rocketo and we are also impressed with the after-sales service and informative articles which we find very useful. I have posted this because this is what I wanted to see before I made our first purchase and I hope it helps you. Ruadhán by the way is a very active 3 yr Irish Terrier. All the best on your choices Mark
Verified purchaser 07/04/2021
Read More
My dog literally ADORES this! He literally licks the bowl around the floor checking for every last scrap! thank you ! Charlotte & Ronnie (the Dog!)
Verified purchaser 02/04/2021
My dogs love it!!!
Read More
Super easy to serve. Just adding water. Good ingredients w/o additives which is a big deal for me. Smell not offensive.
Verified purchaser 27/03/2021
Just great!
Read More
I normally cook fresh food for my dog, but now that I discovered Rocketo I will alternate and won’t feel bad about it 😉
Lady Nicola-Jayne
Verified purchaser 27/03/2021
Amazing raw food without the smell
Read More
As someone who doesn't eat meat, I wanted to feed my dog raw as its better for dogs but I didn't like the smell or to handle normal raw food. Then I found my life saver ROCKETO. My dog goes mad at teatime as she really enjoys your raw food. I normally only buy the chicken but I've purchased the beef for a change which she enjoyed. Her next bag i purchased is the insects one, she'll have that once she's finished her chicken but im sure she'll love it as much as the chicken and beef. Thank you
Verified purchaser 23/03/2021
This was a firm favourite.
Read More
I started my Sheltie puppy on this food when he was 4 months old and he loved it. People we met on our walks commented on how soft and shiny his fur is after the first couple of weeks. Every day he was super excited to be fed, until last week when we were running out! My daughter gave me a bit of the beef food to help me stretch out the supplies, which I knew were on the way. Now he won’t eat the chicken!
Verified purchaser 22/03/2021
Read More
Still adjusting to it but the dogs love it and less poo
Verified purchaser 22/03/2021
Read More
Not my dogs favourite. They will eat it but keep looking up at me. I had half a pack of beef so I mixed them together along with the insect variety. Now they love it. I have noticed a difference in my 10yr old whippet. He had arthritis pain and limped a lot. Now he’s like a new dog and constantly wants to play. I can’t say that it’s definitely the Rocketo - but I suspect it is.
Verified purchaser 21/03/2021
Indie's delight
Read More
Indie is a 5 month old GSP and eats anything! She had an upset stomach a few weeks ago and I tried her on Rocketo. Her stomach upset has cleared up and she has much better bowel movements. She was healthy and continues to look good, shiny coat, bouncy, content and sleeps well. Will try our spaniel on it in next few weeks!
Verified purchaser 21/03/2021
Yum Yum
Read More
Our new Puppy is changing from kibble to Rocketo. Before she wasn't eating all her food, now she is gobbling up!
Sara Patricia
Verified purchaser 18/03/2021
Read More
Amazing quality
Verified purchaser 13/03/2021
It's what the vet feeds his dog
Read More
As a vet working with companion animals I'm convinced most of their problems are at least in part due to what we feed them. Last December I got a new spaniel pup and started her on rocketo with added raw veg and meat. She loves it! This week I met her mum and brother. The difference is striking. She is leaner and has better musculature than the two of them and her coat is shinier and silkier then their's.
Verified purchaser 04/03/2021
“Woof woof, more rockin’ Rocketo please, woof” - Noisette (the Australian Shepherd)
Read More
Noisette is a generally rather excited puppy, being just over 6 months old. We searched & searched for an excellent raw, mostly-meat (& grain-free) dog food for our precious puppy & with Rocketo we’ve found it! When she smells her breakfast ‘cooking’ (re-hydrating) her excitement level goes x10! Her fur is soft & shiny & she seems very content throughout the day. Thanks a lot Rocketo! Glad we found you!
Verified purchaser 04/03/2021
Read More
Reggie the Bulldog loves his chicken! Clean bowl everytime
Verified purchaser 04/03/2021
They just love it!
Read More
I ordered a kilo to check it out. My expectations were not that high and, let’s face it, it’s an expensive option - except, it turns out, it’s not! And the dogs love it. My next order was for multiple 3 kilo bags to be delivered regularly. It’s easy to prepare - much easier than cooking your own - it’s healthier than the stuff with so much junk in it and yes, it’s not inexpensive but healthier dogs are likely to incur less vet bills, right? I prepare two days at a time and refrigerate and my guys are just loving it - they’re 11 and 12 now and I wish I’d found this food before I did. I (and they) heartily recommend it.
Verified purchaser 22/02/2021
Looks delicious
Read More
Only started Vincent on this last week but so far so good. He's happy so I'm happy!

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Feeding Recommendation

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1KG BAG 0 0
  • Lasts 1 Week
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  • Lasts 3 Week
3KG BAG 0 0
  • Lasts 4 Week
  • Lasts 8 Week
  • Lasts 12 Week
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