Dehydrated-RAW Organic Dog Glow Treat



As the largest organ of the body, the skin is often overlooked, because many people view the skin as a separate system from the rest of the body when indeed it is a reflection of the health of the rest of the body. Our GLOW BLASTER treat will, with healthy diet and lifestyle, help all dogs health shine through. And this is more than just promoting cosmetic health – the contents of this treat will help your dog from the inside out.

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Benefits that go beyond a healthy diet

Glossy coat
& skin

Appropriately balanced ratio of omega fatty acid to keep inflammation down and ensuring a thick, soft, luxurious coat as well as preventing dry and flaky skin.

Gut health
& digestion

Highly digestible bio available nutrients , no fillers, no starch and low carbs all contribute to superior gut health and small well formed stools.

& intolerances

Organic and wild-sourced proteins free of preservatives, additives or anything synthetic helps reduce or even eliminate food-related intolerances or allergies.


A biologically appropriate diet with low carbohydrates and zero starch helps reset a dogs metabolism allowing for better nutrient absorption and improving weight management.


Zero starch means it cannot stick to the teeth and cause plaque and tartar formation combined with naturally occurring enzymes to help protect the teeth and gums.


We only use fresh ingredients sourced from organic and ethically wild suppliers for the cleanest product and optimal health.


Ingredient Why? Country of Origin
Wild-Caught Whole Sea Herring A great source of omega-3 fatty acids, iodine, elastin, bone & natural Vitamin D. Baltic Sea
Organic Coconut The anti-inflammatory properties will help reduce any yeast infections, hot spots, flea allergies, and dry, itchy skin, and the fatty acids promote a soft, healthy coat. Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand
Organic Chia Seeds These tiny seeds are packed full of this fatty acid (3 times more than salmon!), that helps maintain your dog’s skin and coat health. Paraguay
Brewer’s Yeast Rich in antioxidants which can make your dog’s skin healthier and his coat shinier. Poland
Organic Nettle Leaves Rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, and minerals, especially iron. This makes them an excellent ‘general tonic’ for bringing the body back into balance, helping to remove waste products from the body and moderating allergic responses, now so common in dogs. Many skin issues are due to toxin accumulation in the body – assisting their release is crucial to healing. Ukraine (Volyn Region)
Organic Spinach Spinach is considered to be one of the world’s healthiest foods, with researchers identifying more than a dozen different types of flavonoid antioxidants alone that are present in spinach, not to mention all of its other vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. Spinach nutrition has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant abilities, and if you combine that with its very low amount of calories, it is easily one of the most nutrient-rich foods in existence. Hungary
Organic & Wild Bilberries Everyone knows of bilberries as a true superfood. Wild bilberries are among the most nutrient-dense berries, containing high levels of fibre, Vitamin C and K & Manganese. Shown to reduce DNA damage, reduce inflammation, and support circulation and digestion, they are an excellent support to healing skin issues. Ukraine (Carpathian Mountains)
Organic Marigold (Calendula) Flowers Calendula, or Marigold, is known as the healing herb, and rightly so. It has so many beneficial properties, for internal and external use. The antibacterial properties of calendula are vital for healing skin and ear issues, as often secondary bacterial infections can take hold quickly due to scratching letting infection in. Calendula is great at improving skin firmness and hydration. By supporting the lymphatic system it helps increase blood flow and oxygen to wounds and infected areas, which helps the body grow new tissue and heal more rapidly. Egypt
Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom Naturally occurring biotin & methionine, along with other bioactive compounds, support itch-free skin and lustrous fur. A holistic support for seasonal allergies and help maintain a balanced immune response. Supports normal circulation and oxygen utilization. Slovenia
Organic Agaricus Blazei Mushroom May help to maintain a healthy liver and a good skin condition and to support the natural defences of the dog´s body. Agaricus blazei is also known for its effects on triglycerides and cholesterol management. Slovenia
Organic Rosehips Contains phenols and flavonoids which are antioxidants. Antioxidants block the process of oxidation, which causes damage to cells. In addition, rosehip contains galactolipids, which are compounds that possess anti-inflammatory properties Poland
Organic Sea Buckthorn A ‘super fruit’ containing over 190 phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, 9), supercharged antioxidants, and other bio-active nutrients. Poland

Air-dried under 40C.


Raw, highly bioavailable optimised nutrition


Our slow air-drying process at under 40°C ensures the nutritional profile of the ingredients remains intact – this retains the maximum bioavailability of micronutrients & is gentle on the digestive system, as well as naturally preserving – cleanest possible raw food.

Easy to serve

Add fresh water to rehydrate, stir & serve after 5 minutes

Healthy & delicious

Perfect natural consistency, taste & optimal consistency for oral & digestive health

Zero synthetics policy

Due to the gentle air drying process and tailored ingredients used, there is no need to add any artificial preservatives, vitamins or trace minerals to this diet to make it complete and balanced.

Convenient to store

100% safe to store in your cupboard, naturally preserved through dehydration with a shelf life of 1 year

All the benefits of raw feeding, but Clean & convenient

1KG of air-dried ROCKETO makes 3KG of fresh raw organic food

Mix with warm water

Wait for 3-5 minutes

Serve with love



1KG of air-dried ROCKETO makes 3KG of fresh raw organic food

World-class science-led team

We are run by pan-European team of certified nutritionists, veterinarians, holistic animal biologists & technological innovators.

Hi-end natural innovations

We apply science and cutting edge technology to harness the power of nature and deliver a new standard of complete pet nutrition. We make the best nutrition the most sustainable and convenient.

Low impact business practice

From sourcing to manufacturing processes and packaging — we always are finding ways to operate ethically and sustainably.


Survey from repeat ROCKETO subscribers and one-off customers (n = 150)
95 %
Of customers intend to continue purchasing
92 %
Of dogs started eating within a couple of minutes
98 %
Of customers value first organic and sustainable ingredients
66 %
of customers saw improvements at their dogs within a month




One sure way to keep your dog happy is by feeding them well with the appropriate food and quantities. Offering your dog insufficient food portions may result in unwanted weight loss and potential nutritional inadequacies. However, providing too much food also comes with a few health disadvantages, with being overweight/obese as the most obvious one. Some of the health issues caused


We are continuing with bowel topics as it is very very core of over-all health of your pet. And todays topic is – Inflammatory bowel disease otherwise know IBD for short. As each and every time – we take our time to answer your questions regarding a specific health issue.  What Causes IBD in Dogs?  IBD is as you can


We are happy to introduce our skilled team members one by one. And this time, we are presenting our in-house animal nutritionist Bianca Major. She is responsible for implementing the nourishing recipes and helping animals gain the nutrition balance every day. Bianca will always do her best to improve and make available optimal nutrition to all pets. Our team is


We wanted to take the opportunity to discuss the popular topic of “Sensitive Stomachs” and we should hopefully answer some of our frequently asked questions too. Why does it appear? Dogs have started to develop a sensitive stomach /intolerance for various reasons such as but not limited to:  Environmental factors- long term stress/anxiety  Chemical exposure– Flea or worm treatment, medications

04/10/2021 Verified purchaser
Loreta Very tasty
Read More
Francė loves it :)
02/10/2021 Verified purchaser
Jack Dog love these things
Read More
Great treat both my dogs love these
29/09/2021 Verified purchaser
Kim A real treat
Read More
My boy loved these knowing he is having a great and it’s natural ticks the boxes for me & him
31/08/2021 Verified purchaser
Katarina My Kooikerhondje Vespa love it
Read More
I have giving her Glow Treat for several weeks now and she is so niece in her coat.
23/08/2021 Verified purchaser
Sujata Excellent
Read More
My boys absolutely love these treats….only on day 2 so very impressed
03/08/2021 Verified purchaser
Heather Lovely
Read More
Very chewy and dogs loved it.
31/07/2021 Verified purchaser
Lady Nicola-Jayne My dog loves it
Read More
The difference in my Chihuahua's teeth is so much better since we've been using this treat, she has one every morning for breakfast.
27/07/2021 Verified purchaser
Read More
I feel great that I am feeding my dogs the best.. I cant say enough about how how amazing these treats are my dogs absolutely love them.
24/07/2021 Verified purchaser
Tasha Loves them
Read More
I feel really good about feeding him such a nutritious treat
17/07/2021 Verified purchaser
Barbara I can see an improvement
Read More
My Border collie Fletch lost the white fur on his tail when his coat condition fell, during the winter 2020/2021 We'd been to vets but no improvement, I started feeding him Rocketo a couple of months back, other things improved but his tail stayed bald, then your glow product came out, 2 weeks later we have white fuzz!! Very fine, but it's there!! If it works as well as the teeth sticks he'll have a full white plume by september
14/07/2021 Verified purchaser
donna Glow treats
Read More
Great treats, my dog has allergies and since having these daily along with the glow blend his scratching has stopped
30/06/2021 Verified purchaser
Helen 12 week old Puppy can’t get enough!
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Ted the Border Terrier just loves these.


frequently asked question

In today’s modern world, many people have lost touch with what ‘real’ food is and how important it is to health and wellbeing. This applies equally to us and our dogs. It is a sad reality that humans are the only species on the planet that has lost the ability to feed themselves healthily (Bill Tara, Eating As If All LIfe Matters), but what may be even sadder is that humans make all the decisions on behalf of their dogs, including what and when they eat. Read More

A lot of enzymes, vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins, are really sensitive to heat. Since we keep the heat in all stages of the process below 40 degrees, we avoid vitamins and amino acids changing their form. By keeping the food in its original form, the intestinal tract and microbiome of the dog can recognise, absorb and utilise all the nutrients. This means that all the goodness is available to the dog, and the dogs digestive system and organs don’t have to overwork to access these. Read More

As a civilisation, we have overused our land. The food produced therefore is not only nutritionally deprived, meaning that it lacks essential minerals, but also it can come with unwanted toxins, such as glyphosate, growth factors, antibiotics to name but a few. We try to avoid all of these, as they can cause harm in the dogs body. This is why we only use certified organic products, or wild produced ingredients where they are again away from chemicals used in their production. Read More

Most of our customers are passionate about helping the environment, and so are we. How does our food, and the way we produce it, help the environment? We are passionate about our beautiful planet, and all that lives on it. Because our food is dehydrated with air, it does not ned to be frozen after production, in transport or when with the customer. This has huge energy savings at each stage of the foods journey. It also makes it much more convenient and cost effective for the owner to store at home., It can be treated like any dry food, just kept away from heat, damp and light sources, and just adding fresh warm water (from the kettle not the hot tap!) before feeding to give the perfect water levels for health. Read More

Feeding puppies is an exciting and important time for all animal parents! Giving your puppy the best possible start in life will affect their long term physical and emotional health. This guide is a basic introduction to some key points, and is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to everything needed for feeding puppies. It will tell you why and how Rocketo can be an important part of your puppies diet, and how to use it. Read More
Why is this important to dogs? Although humans are really efficient at digesting carbohydrates, most of the dogs are not. As dogs evolved from a common ancestor with wolves, they also evolved to digest some of the starch and sugars, but that doesn’t mean they thrive on it – there is a BIG difference between thriving and surviving. The only carbohydrates that a dog would eat in the wild are those that are already partially digested in the stomach and gut of their prey, and some grazing on fruits and vegetation when needed. Alas most modern dog foods are highly processed and many contain very high levels of carbohydrates. Read More

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Feeding Recommendation

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