Dehydrated-RAW Wild Venison Meateorites


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Dehydrated-RAW Wild Venison Meateorites

Free from any added hormones, antibiotics, steroids or other additives often found in farmed animal makes this treat an ideal for dogs with food allergies. Wild venison game also means carbon footprint is drastically reduced due to their naturally foraged diet. Venison is an excellent source of protein, low in fat (especially saturated fats) and contains less calories than beef and therefore makes a perfect treat for all sized dogs.


We believe for a business to be successful it has to demonstrate a win:win:win. What we mean by that is it needs to be a win for:




At Rocketo we know we meet this goal. Here are a few ways we do it:

• Organic, Non-toxic Ingredients

• Responsible Farming or Game Protein

• Dehydrated Raw

• Low in carbs

• Quality & Ethics Standards

• Green Manufacturing Partners


100% raw and gently air-dried wild-caught venison with bones.


Dehydration temperature – 40°C
Dehydration time – 48 hours


Protein 72%
Fat Content 3%
Crude Fiber 0%
Carbohydrates (excl. fibers) 0%
Moisture 6%
Ash 19%

Please ensure that treats fed should not be more than 10% of your dogs daily energy intake.

Due to the slightly different size of each venison meateorite, you will find between 15-20 pieces in every 100g pack.




– Small dogs
– Training treats
– Weight control

– Dogs with allergies




Exclusivity agreements in our supply chain means we can control the quality of our ingredients and food at each stage of its journey to you.


Our manufacturing meets all requirements for human food production and we use organic or ethically wild-caught only ingredients.


Many foods contain a long list of ingredients, often with unpronounceable names that show how many ‘man made’ ingredients are used. We carefully balance our foods, to ensure they have a sufficient range of ingredients at the right percentage to achieve the desired balance.


Due to the gentle air-drying process and tailored ingredients used, there is no need to add any artificial preservatives, vitamins or trace minerals to make our food complete and balanced. We are pretty sure this makes us unique in the global pet food market.

Ingredients are everything

Ingredient Why? Country of Origin
Wild-Caught Venison Venison is an excellent source of protein, low in fat (especially saturated fats) and contains less calories than beef and therefore makes a perfect treat for all sized dogs. It also includes many minerals including iron, phosphorous, potassium and zinc. Vitamin wise it has vitamin B6/B12, riboflavin, niacin and thiamine . Spain


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Amazing quality - dog absolutely loves it!
Read More
Good client assistance and the product has good quality. Definitely recommended!
Love it
Read More
Amazing quality products, and amazing for the planet! What is not to love? 100% satisfied and most importantly so are my dogs!
Verified purchaser 29/07/2021
Manna from Heaven
Read More
these are super tasty and I just love them... they are a bit big for me though and it's a wee bit of a struggle... could you make asteroids for smaller dogs like me? (smaller than meateorites)
Verified purchaser 26/07/2021
Great treat
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Daisy loves treats but these take a while for her to chew, meaning I can sneakily brush her
Verified purchaser 24/07/2021
He’s crazy about these
Read More
Real success
Verified purchaser 16/07/2021
Treat or treat
Read More
Just like the wild boar, these are perfect as a trining treat or just a snack
Verified purchaser 12/07/2021
High value reward
Read More
I keep a few of these on me on walks as a high value treat for emergency recall. The dogs know that when they hear the whistle they get venison! I try to make my dog’s diet as ethical as I can whilst meeting their needs so I am happy with the sourcing of this meat as far as meat goes. Good size for high value reward too.
Verified purchaser 06/07/2021
Big success
Read More
My puppy will do all her tricks for one of these!!
Verified purchaser 29/06/2021
Perfect treat
Read More
My dog loves any of the rocketo treats! Definitely must buy
Verified purchaser 14/06/2021
Molly liked
Read More
Molly liked thoes
Verified purchaser 12/06/2021
Yummy treat
Read More
Excellent size for treats
Verified purchaser 12/06/2021
Meaty treat
Read More
I'm always on the lookout for pure venison treats but E was not so keen on these ones. Might try them again once his diet and tummy are more stable.
Verified purchaser 11/06/2021
Best quality treats!
Read More
Even though they are a little expensive, I use them as high reward treats for training my new pup. She absolutely loves them and runs to the ‘special’ cupboard because she knows exactly where they are! Would definitely purchase again!
Verified purchaser 10/06/2021
Great size and loved
Read More
These are great. I give them as a little treat once he's finished his dinner. He loves them
Verified purchaser 02/06/2021
Perfect treat
Read More
Excellent product! My dog would eat the whole packet if she could! A much healthier treat than those you buy in the shop.
Verified purchaser 25/05/2021
Delicious treats
Read More
Pumba loved it. Nommed it up in 2 ticks! Will consider getting again. Just concerned about all the packaging I’m adding to the planet (and air miles?) but overall we’re ecstatic with all our Rocketo foods
Verified purchaser 22/05/2021
He love's them
Read More
Nice size for a special treat, which he loves
Verified purchaser 18/05/2021
Read More
Dogs love them
Verified purchaser 14/05/2021
Great treats
Read More
These are great treats except all Lola doggie play mates want them too now!!
Verified purchaser 13/05/2021
Read More
Doggo loves these - quite chunky and chewy so a good workout for puppy teeth
Verified purchaser 13/05/2021
Terrific treats
Read More
Coco is loving these treats and none of them have upset her tummy as some treats do. Yummy.
Verified purchaser 11/05/2021
Read More
My dog loves them.
Verified purchaser 11/05/2021
Read More
All 3 boys enjoyed these.
Verified purchaser 11/05/2021
Perfect size
Read More
These treats are so easy to give as rewards. My hands stay dry and the dogs love them!
Verified purchaser 11/05/2021
Very tasty
Read More
Very tasty!
Belletti Chretien
Verified purchaser 07/05/2021
Read More
My dogs are really happy and crazy for this brand i recommend to all Pet lovets
Verified purchaser 07/05/2021
Fantastic product
Read More
Cannot praise this company enough delivery is great customer service great and all the products are fantastic my puppy loves them and training him has become a joy not the chore it was before as he will do anything for these treats and with repartition he is coming along great
Verified purchaser 03/05/2021
The favorite treat
Read More
These are by far the treat he gets most excited by. The slightly bigger chunks make it super fun for him.
Verified purchaser 03/05/2021
So delicious! Fab special training treat 🐶
Read More
I use these for special training treats. Both my dogs love them!
Verified purchaser 03/05/2021
Read More
Healty snacks which my 2 dogs really love to eat.
Verified purchaser 02/05/2021
Read More
They like!. Throw them and they scuttle like maniacs! A chewy enough that they have to put in some effort to eat them! A treat they appreciate.
Verified purchaser 30/04/2021
High value training treats
Read More
Finally have found something that Roka loves and is a good training treat. Roka is a 'raw' dog so kibble really doesn't take the biscuit (haha). He loves these. I'd really like to buy smaller sized rocks too, I go through a lot trying to entertain a 20 week Viz! He of course is delighted with the existing size.... ;-)
Verified purchaser 20/04/2021
Read More
My dog loved these. However, I would love it if you offered smaller treats. As my dog is food motivated, I have to give him treats quite often, so normally I go for small treats frequently rather than big treats rarely.
Verified purchaser 18/04/2021
Read More
Good size as a treat and the doggies can't get enough.
Verified purchaser 15/04/2021
Smash hit
Read More
My dog absolutely loves these and I will definitely be ordering more. I keep them as a special treat but he knows the sound of the packaging already and his excitement levels go through the roof when he realised he’s getting one😁
Verified purchaser 15/04/2021
Special treats for best behaviour
Read More
We used these as a separate treat for house training - so for such an important behaviour we wanted to get right quickly with ur GSD darling, we used the meteorites. They're bigger and crunchy and you can see she thinks they are a real treat. Now when she wee's- she maintains eye contact with me to make sure Im looking so she gets a treat!! This is her loving her Hornbeam log! She has 2 and much prefers them to window frames and table corners, as do I strangely!
Verified purchaser 10/04/2021
Really good
Read More
She loves these and I love giving them to her!
Verified purchaser 08/04/2021
Read More
A big hit with our Scottie. These are a convenient size for taking out in a treat bag. It’s reassuring to know that these are a healthy option.
Verified purchaser 02/04/2021
Great healthy treats
Read More
Excellent quality and my dogs just can’t get enough of these!
Sara Patricia
Verified purchaser 25/03/2021
Read More
He loves the taste of these treats
Verified purchaser 23/03/2021
Bribery in a bag!
Read More
Stitch will do anything for these, even go to bed! He loves them.
Verified purchaser 23/03/2021
GREAT healthy treat
Read More
I hid the treats in his snuffle mats and he really enjoys them. Heathly and natural.
Verified purchaser 12/03/2021
Hooman give me some more!!
Read More
Barbosas loves his venison treats, would recommend as they are healthy and very tasty.
Verified purchaser 07/03/2021
Healthy treat for pup!
Read More
My pup loved these and would happily gobble the entire bag if he could
Verified purchaser 06/03/2021
Training treats
Read More
Puppy will do anything for these

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  • Lasts 4 Week
  • Lasts 8 Week
  • Lasts 12 Week
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