Dehydrated-RAW Wild Fishy Comets


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Dehydrated-RAW Wild Fishy Comets

It is an ideal snack for all pets including those with allergies or special diets. Since they are whole, you pet will receive an approved complete and balanced snack.   Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, our whole herring provides numerous health benefits to your dog or cat. It’s no wonder why our whole herring for cats and dogs is so popular among pets and pet parents!  


We believe for a business to be successful it has to demonstrate a win:win:win. What we mean by that is it needs to be a win for:




At Rocketo we know we meet this goal. Here are a few ways we do it:

• Organic, Non-toxic Ingredients

• Responsible Farming or Game Protein

• Dehydrated Raw

• Low in carbs

• Quality & Ethics Standards

• Green Manufacturing Partners


100% raw and gently air-dried wild-caught whole sea herring.


Dehydration temperature – 21°C
Dehydration time – 48 hours


Protein 79%
Fat Content 2%
Crude Fiber 0%
Carbohydrates (excl. fibers) 0%
Moisture 6%
Ash 19%

Please ensure that treats fed should not be more than 10% of your dogs daily energy intake.




– All dogs
– Reward treats
– Immune system support
– Conditioned skin
– Shinier coat
– Healthy digestion





Exclusivity agreements in our supply chain means we can control the quality of our ingredients and food at each stage of its journey to you.


Our manufacturing meets all requirements for human food production and we use organic or ethically wild-caught only ingredients.


Many foods contain a long list of ingredients, often with unpronounceable names that show how many ‘man made’ ingredients are used. We carefully balance our foods, to ensure they have a sufficient range of ingredients at the right percentage to achieve the desired balance.


Due to the gentle air-drying process and tailored ingredients used, there is no need to add any artificial preservatives, vitamins or trace minerals to make our food complete and balanced. We are pretty sure this makes us unique in the global pet food market.

Ingredients are everything

Ingredient Why? Country of Origin
Wild-Caught Sea Herring A great source of omega-3 fatty acids, iodine, elastin, bone & natural Vitamin D Baltic Sea


I recommend a lot
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This fish attracted the swans towards us and they started blowing us. Not even the giant feathers can resist the dried fish of Rocketo. As soon as she smells the smell, she starts with her nose, she loves these fish, they are real delicacies! They are good for the hair, the intestine, and certainly they will be very appreciated by your four-legged friends! 🐟
Can't get enough
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A very good smell of dried fish that soothes the nostrils especially that of dogs. It is a very natural product without other added products. Once the package is open, it's an explosion of taste buds for dogs. The smell of smoke that emerges salivates. They love this new type of treat that is new to them. They can not wait to start again, thanks Rocketo !
Great snack
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Rocketo's products are very high quality and natural way to make your pooch happy. I was very pleased with the fish jerky, my dog loved it and I felt like I could give him a treat that had nutritional values and was not going to be harmful. Lastly this young company is very appealing and a pleasure to interact with, I really wish to see them grow.
Verified purchaser 14/06/2021
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Molly didn't like, but friends Scottie did.
Verified purchaser 28/05/2021
Dehydrated-Raw Wild Fishy Comets
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Fantastic product for a healthy snack when we are out walking and end up sitting outside at our favourite bar. Carlos & Queenie both love them.
Verified purchaser 25/05/2021
Give it to me
Read More
My favorite snack. A small nice fish that I get every morning.
Verified purchaser 23/05/2021
Read More
Not just Bella loves the little fishes.
David F
Verified purchaser 23/05/2021
My dog absolutely loved these treats!
Read More
My dog Sting really liked these tasty treats.
Verified purchaser 20/05/2021
Very tasty
Read More
Both dogs loved these😁
Verified purchaser 19/05/2021
Favourite Treat
Read More
These fishy comets are a lot larger then sprats I have purchased before, they seem more substantial and are very good for my dogs health as a treat.
Verified purchaser 19/05/2021
Definitely the favorite treat
Read More
I wasn't sure about getting these but they are without a doubt my pups favorite treat. He goes crazy for them. It took me weeks to get a photo of him eating one because he rolls and jumps about with excitement every single time I give him one.
Verified purchaser 18/05/2021
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Dogs love them
Verified purchaser 13/05/2021
Read More
Penny loves these fishies that much, she can’t wait for me to open the box to get to them!
Verified purchaser 11/05/2021
Read More
Well loved :)
Verified purchaser 09/05/2021
They love these
Read More
My 2 labs love love love this fishy treats. They don't smell too bad and the pack lasted ages. Will definitely be buying again.
Verified purchaser 08/05/2021
Loved by our dogs
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Both our papillons LOVE these, and start springing and spinning as soon as they see the packet. They're a bit smelly, obviously, but that's the be expected!
Verified purchaser 04/05/2021
Perfect for cat and dog
Read More
Cat and dog love sharing these! Very popular with the pets in our house
Verified purchaser 03/05/2021
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These raw hydrated fishes are a great way to give your dog some omega 3 in his diet! Very healty snack and my dogs really likes to eat these fishes .
Verified purchaser 02/05/2021
These things they stand on two legs for!
Read More
Better than the meteorites, and the crunch as they chomp on them! `They hear the bag - and then there is the thunder of paws as they hurtle (seriously - no control!) to the kitchen. Then they sing, stand on two legs, yip, and once they have them - one remains - because the others scatter to the four winds! Good to know its healthy for them too.
Verified purchaser 30/04/2021
Excellent scent training treats
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These are great to keep Roka entertained....hide a few around the house and asking him to sniff them out. Handy for the working from home Teams calls when you need 10 mins quiet!
Verified purchaser 27/04/2021
Always come running and do any obedience you ask them
Read More
Look at those noses says it all!
Verified purchaser 25/04/2021
Smiley fishes
Read More
My dogs just love these. Coffee time treat!
Verified purchaser 18/04/2021
They love these
Read More
one of my dogs tends to podgy if she gets too many treats but if the other one's getting a treat, she's there. So these are ideal.
Verified purchaser 16/04/2021
Read More
My jack russells loveeee the fishy comets. I love them too because they're well-priced compared to local pet stores in Amsterdam!
Verified purchaser 12/04/2021
Read More
Verified purchaser 11/04/2021
A tasty treat
Read More
My dog loves these treats and it’s great that they are so good for her
Verified purchaser 08/04/2021
Fishy treats - Oh Yummy !!!
Read More
Coco loves these - nearly knocked me to the flook trying to get number 2!!!
Verified purchaser 06/04/2021
Read More
Francė loves it!
Verified purchaser 05/04/2021
Stinky but delicious!
Read More
My 2 pooches absolutely adore these stinky little dried fish. The fish really stink, but are worth it. They are whole, dried fish about the length of my middle finger. They last several months as they are air dried. Highly recommend.
Verified purchaser 02/04/2021
Healthy treats
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Such a great treat to be able to give my dogs - no fillers, wheat or anything else that might harm them. Just simple dried fish that they love
Lady Nicola-Jayne
Verified purchaser 27/03/2021
Can't eat enough of them
Read More
I purchased the fish a healthy alternative to shop purchased treats. I was worried to purchase at first but I needn't have been, my chihuahua loves them. I'm so happy that I did purchase them from you. She had put on some extra weight so this is a fantastic treat to give. Don't know why I was worried, as everytime I purchase from you my rescued chihuahua loves ❤ to eat
Verified purchaser 20/03/2021
Brilliant treats
Read More
HENDRIX loves them
Verified purchaser 20/03/2021
Read More
Kasztelan is enjoying not only daily meal with beef rocketo, but also various snacks. Those lovely fishes are his favourite.
Verified purchaser 20/03/2021
Stinky but popular
Read More
My dog loves these! They are quite smelly (unsurprising) but I suppose that is part of the appeal!
Verified purchaser 12/03/2021
Yummy! I like these little fish
Read More
Healthy and tasty treats, what else I can ask for? Would highly recommend :)
Verified purchaser 08/03/2021
Treats made in heaven
Read More
My Lulu can't get enough of these. A great product that will regularly be on my order list.
Verified purchaser 07/03/2021
Great longer-lasting treat
Read More
These treats work wonders when I'm trying to get Ralph to sit still during grooming sessions. He stops noticing there's a hairdryer immediately!
Verified purchaser 06/03/2021
Read More
A perfect treat for my dog
Verified purchaser 05/03/2021
Read More
such a good treat and Moro absolutely loves them! perfect for topping off her meals or as a big reward for training

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Feeding Recommendation

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1KG BAG 0 0
  • Lasts 1 Week
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  • Lasts 3 Week
3KG BAG 0 0
  • Lasts 4 Week
  • Lasts 8 Week
  • Lasts 12 Week
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