ROCKETO is a science-based approach to nutrition and wellness that is tried, tested and proven to make your dog’s life more pawesome. When you take control of your dog’s biology, you’re in the pilot cabin.
The universe is your open space. And ROCKETO is the high-octane fuel that gets you where you want to go with your best furry friend.

You are in a good pack. Fasten your seatbelts. Your journey has just begun.


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Why Sustainability Matters

Sustainability Throughout our Supply Chain Most of our customers are passionate about helping the environment, and so are we. How does our food, and the

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Plant-Based Nutrition For Dogs

Dogs have been domesticated alongside humans for 1000’s of years, surviving off general human meal leftovers and wastage such as meat, bones, peelings, crumbs, rendered fats and veggies such as potatoes and cabbage. As a part of this domestication, they have naturally adapted to an omnivorous diet to survive, including developing more copies of the AMY2B gene; which creates amylase

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We wanted to introduce you to  Klaus Wagner – The Greenologist®. He is one of our sustainability and emissions advisors. He owns Greenologe, which is a company that helps Rocketo to “Green Up.” Klaus is a compassionate man who shows his love for humans and animals in everything he does. Just look at his hobbies/interests. It’s a pleasure to have such a character

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Zero Tolerance For Synthetics

Rocketo prides itself on the fact we don’t use synthetic vitamins, minerals, additives, or preservatives in our products, nor do we have to. It’s quite literally a “Pillar” of our company, one of many things that separate us from the rest. Wholefoods vs Synthetics When it comes to your standard dog foods (ultra-processed complete dry foods aka kibble), they are

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Dehydrated-RAW Organic Dog Dental Treat

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80% Organic Chicken

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68% Whole Insects

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Organic Plant-Based Omega-3 Oil

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72% Organic Beef

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