Every bag will come with feeding instructions. You can also use our feeding guides to calculate how much your dog needs. These can be found at each recipe page by clicking on the ‘View Our Feeding Chart‘ by the subscription box or you can use the feeding recommendation page.

We also show the latest labels on the site.

Please note the feeding guide for each bag may vary – as we use 100% natural ingredients the kcal/kg for each batch may vary slightly, ther label on the bag is always correct for that bag

Each bag shows the suggested ‘grams’ of dry food to ‘mls’ of water ratio. This is also shown in our feeding guides and labels. Simply weigh out the required dry weight of food in grams, put in the bowl, and then measure, using the measuring scoop provided, the required mls of warm water (from the kettle not the hot tap), mix together, stir, wait to soak for 5 minutes and serve! 

Please DO NOT add boiling hot water to the food. We take great cafre to ensure the food is dried at below 40 degrees, this maintains the integrity and nutrient base of the food. Adding boiling water may damage certain enzymes and nutrients. We therefore suggest adding warm water from the kettle, or boil the kettle and mix half cold water with half boiling water in the measuring cup  and then add this warm water to Rocketo. 

The guidance of the amount of water to add can certainly be varied. Please DO NOT feed dry, with no water. If you dog prefers the food to be a bit wetter or a bit dried that is fine. Please experiment and see what works best for your dog. 

Each batch is hand made and as we use 100% natural ingredients each batch will look slightly different. This is as nature intended. No two beetroots, rabbits or fish look exactly the same! We keep the vared texture in the food as this adds to a more natural feeding experience for your dog. However, if your dog does not like the hard parts, feel free to break those up with your fingers before or after soaking. 

It is safe to make up a days supply for your dog, by rehydrating with water. Any left over food can be safely kept in the fridge for up to 24 hours. Many dogs do not like cold food straight from the fridge, so feel free to add a bit more warm water just before feeding if your dog prefers the food warm. 

Each dog s unique. Many small dogs take thier time over their food. This is fine. Others like Labs may eat it very quickly! Let your dog take as long as it needs. 

Yes! we ave some exciting new recipes coming soon. We will let all our customers know as soon as these are available. 


Delivery time from order despatch is approximately five working days.

This is applicable to our one-off orders as well as the first order if you are a subscriber. 

As a subscriber, once you have confirmed your delivery frequency we will ensure all deliveries post your first order will arrive when you have requested it. For example if you require your order every two weeks, we will send it one week before it is due to arrive as it takes 5 working days for the delivery. 

All our orders are shipped from Lithuania as this is where our main production facility is based. 

We are working on establishing a dispatch facility from the UK and will update this as soon as this has been confirmed. 

We use DPD as our main courier as they have an excellent delivery record as well as informing you of the time (within a 1h window) of when you can expect to receive your delivery. 

You also have the ability to change the date of delivery 24h before receiving it. 
You will receive their notifications by email and/or text messaging. 

Yes you can do so easily from your accounts page. Just go to your subscriptions page and click the “DETAILS” button of the subscription you want to update. On detail page you are able to change the delivery frequency by clicking the button “Switch Product or Frequency” and following the instructions on the page. 

All our orders are shipped within a thick paper outside layer which contains your order. All our packaging is made from 40-60% biobased material. We are continuously striving to make this as green-focused as possible. 

We use a subscription based method, that is specifically based on the details of your dog: age, weight, breed, activity level and etc. It calculates how much of food you need for certain period of time. The food comes in 1kg or 3 kg bags, depending on the recipe, this way the system would divide that by the daily recommended dose, and would generate a new order when your dog would need it. You are of course able to change the frequency yourself within your pet profile if you wish. 

You can cancel any subscription as long as it is 7 working days before you are due to receive it as the courier takes this amount of time to deliver your order. Once your order is being processed (ie: we are preparing it to be shipped that day) we cannot cancel or refund it. 

A full refund is offered if we are informed within 14 days of you physically receiving your order. 

Once we have been informed you then have 14 days to return the item(s) to us but we cannot accept any product that has already been opened. 
We then will refund your order within 14 days of receiving it back to our production facility. 



We at Rocketo strive to create the most natural but still convenient, organic and minimally processed petfood. We dry the muscle tissue and organs at around 40° celcius to keep the nutrients intact. We do not use byproducts, meals, or any other “leftovers” in our products. The low moisture content keeps the bacterial activity under control without acidity regulators and preservatives. We also do not add any salt thereby protecting the kidneys.

Rocketo combines the advantages of raw food in a dried food format. The closest we can produce to what nature offers dogs and wolves in nature. We pride ourselves that no legumes, fillers, preservatives, colorants or flavour enhancers are used in our recipes. This also means that the starch levels in our food is also incredibly low when compared to conventional pet foods.

We are also an environmentally friendly company using recyclable packaging and sustainable animal protein sources. As our food is dehydrated, this also means lower shipping volumes.

Absolutely! Rocketo is free from all grain, starches, gluten and soy.

Our food is air dried and is as convenient as kibble. You just pour it to the bowl, add warm water and wait till it’s soaked. No need to freeze and totally safe to handle and nutrient packed as we do not use high cooking temperatures found in extruded kibble.

Yes, our raw ingredients are air dried under 40°C and are certainly not cooked, boiled, steamed, extruded, cold pressed or canned! Every ingredient in Rocketo is as close it can be to its natural state. 

Every food has to be preserved for shelf life and safety. To can a food, it has to be cooked, sterilized and in most cases, stabilized with nitrogen salts, which are quite dangerous for the health of our friends. We believe that raw is the right way to go. That’s why we gently dry our food at 40°C and stabilize the water activity through proper moisture levels. Our food is safe, convenient and closest to the natural prey.

As our food is dehydrated, and has very low water activity levels (0.6 AWC), and a very low moisture levels at about 5%, the parasites and bacteria are absolutely not able to survive this lack of moisture.

Our food is checked for pathogens before and after the production.

Testing includes:

E. coli





Again, bacteria are not able to survive during the drying process, or grow or reproduce at 0.6 AWC water activity

In all our beef recipes, we do not use the thyroid, so we can guarantee that is not included. We use muscle meat.

In this recipe we do not have offal, we get all the required nutrients from the herring.

However, the next beef recipe, being produced in the next couple of months, will also include organic liver and heart. 


Any food that is not heated above 65 degrees celcius is classisified as raw.

A lot of enzymes, vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins, are really sensitive to heat. Since we keep the heat in all stages of the process below 40 degrees, we avoid vitamins and amino acids changing their form. By keeping the food in its original form, the intestinal tract and microbiome of the dog can recognise, absorb and utilise all the nutrients. This means that all the goodness is available to the dog, and the dogs digestive system, liver and kidneys do not have to overwork to access these nutrients.



We simply slowly remove the moisture from the food. This helps to naturally preserve the food, and to kill harmful parasites and bacteria, without destroying the integrity of the nutrients. This is one of the oldest and safest forms of food preservation, but the way we do it, at low temperatures is VERY different from others. Most companies dehydrate at much higher temperatures, which then destroys many enzymes, vitamins and minerals and has a detrimental impact on the nutritional value of the food. Adding the water back into the food before feeding ensures that the perfect moisture levels are attained for optimal health.

This is an area we are continuing to research as the key is to be able to provide a complete protein whilst still maintaining good palatability.

You simply look at the number of grams found either on the packaging or within your pet profile (based upon the weight of your dog) into a bowl. Then you add warm water (ml to be added found in the same place), wait 3-5 minutes to give it some time to re-hydrate the food and then serve it to your happy pup! 



First of all they are all organic. This is key to a healthy gut microflora as no contaminants are introduced. We use coconut flakes & butter which provide a rich source of vitamins and energy as well as being high in healthy fats.

The rice syrup is used as a healthy connecting/binding agent, the dehydrated banana is a high quality carbohydrate that is rich in magnesium and potassium.

The flax seeds and agave inulin provide prebiotics to maintain a healthy gut microflora and the sunflowers provide lecithin which is beneficial to the central nervous system.

Our snack bars provide an incredibly quick and healthy energy source which is particularly useful for active/working dogs and growing puppies.

As all ingredients are organic, you can rest assured that no external contaminants find their way into your dogs body either!

The main source of calcium in Rocketo is red algae, which consists of 98% calcium carbonate.

It is highly bioavailable, easy to dose and much easier to use in a raw food environment. Fresh and raw bone is hard to use in powder form.

Most of the bone meals are processed at high temperatures, and therefore have very low nutritional value. We therefore never use bone meals.

We do however use whole fish, including bones, in our recipes. These can be safely dried below 40 degrees.

We also, where needed, use fresh basil, parsley and spirulina which also contain high quality calcium.

Absolutely! We encourage every dog parent to add non starchy vegetables, raw animal meats and other herbs if they like to. Every dog in unique and customizing your Rocketo according to your special needs is great!

Please ensure you wash hands and equipment before and after handling any raw meat of course.


Be it raw, BARF, kibble or cold pressed, every food you already feed your dog with would profit from adding Rocketo to it.

However, please be aware that this will affect the ‘balance’ we at Rocketo have designed when feeding only Rocketo.

Taurine is an “amino acid” like substance, not taking part in any peptide or protein production (FEDIAF labels it as “vitamin like”).

Dogs can convert other sulphur-containing amino acids to taurine, which makes it not essential. Still, taurine is an important substance for fat metabolism and energy production, having direct impact on many body functions. a lack of suphur-based amino acids can cause taurine defficiency, which is connected to many dysfunctions, especially dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM).

Good quality animal protein is crucial to ensure dogs have enough taurine in the diet. Taurine does not exist in plant matter, except algae.

Rocketo is raw dog food that has been gently air dried. Dogs are facultative carnivores, not omnivores or herbivores.

Non cooked grains are not digestable for dogs. Even cooked and ground grains still contain a lot of phytic acid, which dogs can’t break down. Phytic acid is a strong anti-nutrient that binds many minerals and stops absorption of some vitamins.

Also grains contain high amount of starches and too much phophorus, when combined with meats from animals. High amount of starch is detrimental for dog’s health in particular obesity.

Legumes contain high amounts of starch and phytate, an anti-nutrient. Dog’s cannot digest raw legumes (except sprouts) properly. Although they are really rich in amino acids, the form of protein is less bio-available for carnivores.

Dogs generally are ok with digesting small amount of starch. Since they lack the enzyme amylase in their saliva, all starch ends up in the stomach, which slows down the digestion of protein and forces more stomach acid production.

Starches also add more work load to the pancreas, which is responsible for all digestive enzymes.

Another benefit is to avoid the parasite Giardia spp. which cannot survive without starch.

Carnivores also need plant matter. The mostly get it through their prey’s intestinal tract and they occasionally graze. We also add the plant matter to act against the unnatural stress and toxins they get from our human environment.

Dogs can digest low levels of carbohydrates quite well and their pancreas is definitely equipped to digest carbohydrates. That said, a dog or wolf wouldn’t get high carbs in nature and their digestive tract is too short for a carbohydrate heavy diet. Also more carbohydrates mean less protein and less meat, which are the more suitable energy sources for dogs. It is also important to understand that high carbohydrate diets will lead to obesity in our four legged furry friends.


We have noted that in some dogs, their poop can look remarkably similar to Rocketo food. This is mainly due to the fact that Rocketo is highly digestible and therefore is processed very quickly in the body. If the poop is not loose or smelly and there is no issue when defecating then this is perfectly normal.

Some breeds have special needs, unique digestive properties or weaknesses.

We design our food according to the basic needs of the dog species, although our different recipes might be more appealing to certain breeds.

Most of our recipes will suit all dog breeds. We encourage the of use extra raw ingredients if specific needs can’t be covered by our food. We also offer supplements and snacks to complement those with special needs such as joint or skin problems.

Our food is more bio available than most of the extruded kibble on the market, has more fibre than raw foods as well as offering raw plant matter. The digestive tract and the associated gut microbiome might need up to six weeks to adjust to the higher quality, nutrient dense food.

As you know it is key to control the fat percentage with any dog with pancreatitis and your veterinarian should always be consulted prior to any change in diet. Your veterinarian can advise what max % of fat should be in the diet and you can simply check the levels of fat % in our recipes to see if appropriate.

It is also advisable in many cases to fast your dog one day a month to reduce the overall load on the pancreas but your vet can also advise if this is suitable for your particular pup.

The other benefit of feeding Rocketo is the low carbohydrate level which removes up to a third of the work load on the pancreas.

As long as it is organic, naturally fed and raw, animal liver, is a natural prey of wolves. Livers are a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals.

However raw liver can lead to Vitamin A toxicity if fed more than twice a week and definitely do not offer raw liver if your dog is already on Vitamin A supplementation. 

Rest assured that any of our recipes that contain liver are carefully formulated to ensure Vitamin A levels are kept optimal. 

Every organism has a limited need for protein, which is used mainly for building structures, hormones and enzymes.

Every bit of extra protein is used to burn as energy, mostly by being converted to glucose or fat, depending on the activity level and age of the dog.

Carnivores should generally have 50% of their energy requirements coming from protein. Too high protein levels is also heavy on the kidneys, since the waste products from using protein as an energy source have to be converted to urea and filtered through the kidneys.

Therefore, a wise approach is to mimic the natural prey’s body composition in terms of how energy should be derived from protein, fats and carbohydrates. The only time we would recommend a lower protein diet would be in case of cancer, where high protein causes the cancer to grow faster.

Unfortunately we do not have a specific food for kidney failure at this point. 

This depends on the allergy of course and your vet can help define which animal protein source should be avoided.

We however do not use legumes, nuts, dairy, soy or eggs which are also known to be allergy causing in some cases. 

Our food promotes a healthy microbiome, and this is crucial for avoiding allergies and as our food is organic or wild sourced, it is free from many of the chemical contaminants present in meats and botanicals that has been conventionally reared it farmed .

Our food also does not contain anything artificial such as added preservatives, vitamins, minerals, colourings or flavourings.

Genetically dogs and humans share 84% of their DNA. Also, there are many similarities, and some notable differences, physiologically between dogs and humans. There are more physiological similarities between all mammals than differences.

In addition to this, as dogs now live in a domesticated ‘human’ environment, many of the environmental challenges and stresses they face are the same as us. Our food philosophy takes into account both the diet that dogs have evolved to eat, plus the modern-day challenges with stress, deficiencies and pollution that they now face. 

CWD is an auto-immune disease, similar to mad cow disease or Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in humans.

 There is no risk of contamination in our venison recipe due to the following factors:

1) Our venison is wild and vet checked

2) The total of CWD cases found in Europe is less than 10 the last 10 years. These cases were detected in moose from Sweden and from Finland. Most of the CWD cases are from the US and Canada.

3) Our Venison is sourced from Poland and Spain.

4) There are no reported cases where CWD was transmitted to a dog or other pets.

With regard to needing to transition between recipes, this is normally not needed. This is because all our recipes follow a standard formula for key things such as fibre.

As the protein sources are really pure and uncontaminated, and are not processed (which can produce harmful metabolites) most dogs will have no problem swapping between our recipes. However, if a dog has been on one food for a long period of time, or has digestive health issues, transitioning to new recipes over the period of seven to ten days is advisable. 

The food can be made up in the morning, and any unused part can be kept in the fridge for up to 24 hours until needed. If your puppy prefers it you can add a small amount of warm water just before feeding.

Fussy eaters can certainly be a challenge for their owners! Alas many fussy eaters have out of balanced microbiomes.

Not only can this make food difficult to digest, it can also affect their food preferences.

The best advice is to:

1. Never leave food down – any not eaten should be taken up, and not put back down until she / he is hungry. Grazing not only encourages fussy eating but also puts stress on the pancreas.

2. Change foods slowly and experiment with the amount of water. As they get more in balance they will crave the healthy food. It takes time, just as humans get addicted to junk food so do dogs.

3. Ignore them when they refuse food and praise when they eat it.

This is not necessary as our foods contain 100% natural vitamins and minerals from our specifically chosen ingredients.

Alas none of our foods are low in purines. We would advise you feeding 50% Rocketo and add something low in purines in a raw format such as blueberries, carrots, broccoli and apples.

You can also use 15% boiled non GMO organic rice and sweet potatoes for some extra energy. A high fat diet is not advisable. 

Yes, our food is great for dogs prone to yeast issues. We have very low amounts of carbohydrates in our food, and almost zero starch as well as very low amounts of fruit sugar.

This, combined with the fact that it is organic/wild, with no synthetic vitamins or minerals, helps establish a healthy microbiome.

We suggest you try it with your dog for a month and see the results yourself.

Yes, our food is generally suitable, as it has a good fat and protein balance with no starch and very low carbohydrates.

Also being organic / wild and no added synthetic vitamins and minerals , there is nothing that should stress the system.

With regard to beef, this is a controversial area, but most beef,. and certainly, all used in dog foods, is intensively farmed, and can be high in chemicals. As ours is organic this is not the case and we have certainly had many dogs use the beef recipe with great success.

I would suggest that you alternate between the Beef and Perch recipes, to give a good balance for your dog.
I assume that you are not using any chemical wormers, flea or tick products, as these can cause issues.

In addition, I would ensure that you check carefully any household products used, and ensure no chemicals are used in the garden.

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