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Hornbeam Dog Chew Sticks

Dogs get bored, just like humans do. Unfortunately, most pet toys can contain plastics and other harmful compounds. ROCKETO gets back to basics and thinks about what nature already intended for our dogs. That is why we believe that a wooden stick will always be the first choice for dogs when it comes to chewing, playing, or relieve stress whilst chewing. 

Hornbeam is well known for its strong structure and unlikelihood to split. 

We use only the leftover parts of sustainably grown and cut trees. Then we gently air-dry for days so that the wood becomes extra solid and almost unbreakable. 

The size and shape of each individual stick might differ as in nature.


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Benefits that go beyond a healthy diet

Glossy coat
& skin

Appropriately balanced ratio of omega fatty acid to keep inflammation down and ensuring a thick, soft, luxurious coat as well as preventing dry and flaky skin.

Gut health
& digestion

Highly digestible bio available nutrients , no fillers, no starch and low carbs all contribute to superior gut health and small well formed stools.

& intolerances

Organic and wild-sourced proteins free of preservatives, additives or anything synthetic helps reduce or even eliminate food-related intolerances or allergies.


A biologically appropriate diet with low carbohydrates and zero starch helps reset a dogs metabolism allowing for better nutrient absorption and improving weight management.


Zero starch means it cannot stick to the teeth and cause plaque and tartar formation combined with naturally occurring enzymes to help protect the teeth and gums.


We only use fresh ingredients sourced from organic and ethically wild suppliers for the cleanest product and optimal health.
100% Natural Hornbeam Stick Lithuania




Very Small dog Dog size <10 kg Hornbeam size XS
Small dog Dog size <20 kg Hornbeam size S
Medium dog Dog size 20-40 kg Hornbeam size M
Large dog Dog size > 40 kg Hornbeam size L



Relax, your dog knows what to do.




As with all chew toys/sticks, always supervise your dog whilst they are using it and place it out of reach when they have finished chewing/playing.




1KG of air-dried ROCKETO makes 3KG of fresh raw organic food

World-class science-led team

We are run by pan-European team of certified nutritionists, veterinarians, holistic animal biologists & technological innovators.

Hi-end natural innovations

We apply science and cutting edge technology to harness the power of nature and deliver a new standard of complete pet nutrition. We make the best nutrition the most sustainable and convenient.

Low impact business practice

From sourcing to manufacturing processes and packaging — we always are finding ways to operate ethically and sustainably.


Survey from repeat ROCKETO subscribers and one-off customers (n = 150)
95 %
Of customers intend to continue purchasing
92 %
Of dogs started eating within a couple of minutes
98 %
Of customers value first organic and sustainable ingredients
66 %
of customers saw improvements at their dogs within a month


25/04/2023 Verified purchaser
Cassy Great natural wood chew for dogs
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My doggos been enjoying her Hornbeam chew and loves to gnaw on it in the evenings when she settles down after dinner. It also looks like it’s going to last ages. It does obviously result in bits of wood coming off but she discards them after chewing anyway and I just pick up any loose bits leftover 👍
20/09/2021 Verified purchaser
jennifer A puppy's dream come true!
Read More
Taj, still a puppy is thrilled to be able to chew on some wood that is allowed (and not furniture). She loves it. Toro isn't really sure what to make of the Hornbeam Stick, but I'm sure once he sees Taj enjoying it day after day, he will get jealous and start to nibble on his.
08/09/2021 Verified purchaser
Melanie Winner
Read More
Had to buy a second one as both of my dogs wanted to chew on this - great for my teething puppy
04/09/2021 Verified purchaser
Andy Dogs absolutely love these
Read More
My 3 dogs love these and try to get all 3 sticks to themselves every time After about a month, they are well chewed but still intact and I think their teeth have benefitted too.
01/09/2021 Verified purchaser
Read More
Really durable, only the bark has been chewed down in a few weeks.
30/08/2021 Verified purchaser
Read More
Great for keeping our dog who loves to chew safely occupied. Shoesand slippers have been saved!,!
29/08/2021 Verified purchaser
Hazel Wooden dog chew without addatives
Read More
My dog has a life threatening food allergy therfore I am very restricted as to what passes his lips. He is an extreme chewer and rubber orcsticks are not suitable for his extreme style of chewing so I am very pleased I found this wooden log.
15/08/2021 Verified purchaser
Sally Good clean fun
Read More
This chew is so much better than any horn or other wood chew we’ve had before. No smell no splinters and survives being chucked around a patio too. Both boys very happy.
08/08/2021 Verified purchaser
Natalie Fabulous chew
Read More
Kept my puppy happily chewing for ages. Amd it lasts forever I feel. Great purchase. Picture when I bring out the chew!
31/07/2021 Verified purchaser
Read More
Very popular with both dogs. The outer bark was chewed off one side within a couple of days, but now that's over they have settled in to having a good chew and it is a success. It is very heavy so watch your feet if your dog likes to drop toys off for you.
17/07/2021 Verified purchaser
Read More
So pleased with this chew. I bought it for my puppy who is chewing everything he lays eyes upon, and mostly things we don't want him to chew. I am impressed with the size and quality of the chew and feel confident that it is safe for him. I am going to order another one for my older dog who has never shown any interest in sticks, but is now happily chewing it.
12/07/2021 Verified purchaser
Juliet My dog's favourite hard toy
Read More
I've had 4 of these and they are at varying degrees of being chewed. My dog loves them and will chew for quite a while. A good boredom reliever.
12/07/2021 Verified purchaser
Linda Great for keen chewer
Read More
One of my dogs is obsessed with bringing sticks in to chew on. This one suits us much better and is a lot safer. Keeps her quiet!
30/06/2021 Verified purchaser
Helen Lasts ages
Read More
Very much a favourite with Ted, who just loves chewing on it!
29/06/2021 Verified purchaser
Irina Best toy for my staffy
Read More
Nothing makes my staffy happier than a good stick and this is the only one that can withstand the jaws :)
26/06/2021 Verified purchaser
Mrs Kelly Not a stick more like a small log!
Read More
Got this for our puppy when she was 10 weeks old and she still loves Biting into it. She’s nearly taken all the bark of it. It’s the best teething chew toy I’ve brought, (and I’ve brought quite a few). She’s now five months old and I think this is going to last years! Great price and so worth the money!
23/06/2021 Verified purchaser
Stephanie Perfect product
Read More
This is the perfect product to help with puppy chewing
10/06/2021 Verified purchaser
Emma Loves loves loves this
Read More
OMG he was so excited when I gave him this. He'd previously had an anco root, but this is so much bigger. He loves it. Throws it around..he's not banned from having it in the house for this reason. Great for this teeth.
09/06/2021 Verified purchaser
Read More
George loves his hornbeam stick dog chew! He is an aggressive chewer and the stick is no longer perfectly round but not a day goes by when he isn’t chewing it!! I would definitely recommend this to any puppy or adult dog owners to help with teething
06/06/2021 Verified purchaser
Lindsey Great product
Read More
She loves this, keeps returning to it day after day.
25/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Elsje Another surprise winner!!
Read More
It’s a fetch toy, a tug of war toy, a furious scratching toy (when I’ve hidden it in a rug), a satisfying gnaw and overall winner, what joy it brings! He even hides or takes it to bed
20/05/2021 Verified purchaser
June F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C
Read More
Franklin loves to chew on this, it's a great product and keeps him occupied.
19/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Veronique Good chew for wood lover!
Read More
One of my dogs love a good chew on wood sticks, so I thought I would try this to see if he likes it as much and bingo, he really likes it and help with boredom between walks!
19/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Janella Excellent product
Read More
Keeping my very chewy puppy well entertained
19/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Arlene Better than slippers
Read More
The never ending chew toy. It gets rolled around chewed and even chosen over my slippers which says it all.
15/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Lynda I think I ordered the wrong size because I was surprised how big it was . My dog is a cocker spaniel and he loves chewing it but if he drops at my feet it’ hurts if it makes contact.
Read More
I’ll Oder a smaller one next time.
15/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Steve Larger than expected
Read More
Our 16 month old terrier loves this & although bigger than expected, our boy takes it in his stride! This will last a while & keep him occupied.
13/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Sarah Chewtastic
Read More
Saving wooden table legs for weeks
11/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Vicky It's a Stick
Read More
Very nice solid stick, however, my dog wasn't interested in it. If your dog is into this type of chew then it is excellent.
09/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Alex Gotta love chewing a stick!
Read More
Was a bit sceptical but the boys love chewing these and not a splinter in sight. And it stops them fighting for a few minutes at least!
07/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Rosemary Great for chewing
Read More
Our puppy loves her hornbeam stick. It was thicker than I thought it would be but Moth loves it none the less. I hadn’t been sure what size to get so I based it on the max weight she is expected to reach as an adult dog - maybe I should have gone smaller. Doesn’t seem to faze Moth though - she carries it round and drops it with a clatter at your feet. I bought two, and am really pleased as we have one at home and one at the caravan.
07/05/2021 Verified purchaser
AMANDA Hornbeam Heaven
Read More
the label said "don't worry, your dog knows what to do" and that's exactly right - one happy chewing pup, its magic!
07/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Belletti Chretien
Read More
My dogs are really happy and crazy for this brand i recommend to all Pet lovets
07/05/2021 Verified purchaser
Jean Best teething aid ever
Read More
I have tried and bought quite a few teething toys for Barney all of which he destroys in minutes he has had this for a couple of weeks now and it’s as intact as the day I gave it to him don’t waste your money on anything else just buy this


frequently asked question

In today’s modern world, many people have lost touch with what ‘real’ food is and how important it is to health and wellbeing. This applies equally to us and our dogs. It is a sad reality that humans are the only species on the planet that has lost the ability to feed themselves healthily (Bill Tara, Eating As If All LIfe Matters), but what may be even sadder is that humans make all the decisions on behalf of their dogs, including what and when they eat. Read More

A lot of enzymes, vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins, are really sensitive to heat. Since we keep the heat in all stages of the process below 40 degrees, we avoid vitamins and amino acids changing their form. By keeping the food in its original form, the intestinal tract and microbiome of the dog can recognise, absorb and utilise all the nutrients. This means that all the goodness is available to the dog, and the dogs digestive system and organs don’t have to overwork to access these. Read More

As a civilisation, we have overused our land. The food produced therefore is not only nutritionally deprived, meaning that it lacks essential minerals, but also it can come with unwanted toxins, such as glyphosate, growth factors, antibiotics to name but a few. We try to avoid all of these, as they can cause harm in the dogs body. This is why we only use certified organic products, or wild produced ingredients where they are again away from chemicals used in their production. Read More

Most of our customers are passionate about helping the environment, and so are we. How does our food, and the way we produce it, help the environment? We are passionate about our beautiful planet, and all that lives on it. Because our food is dehydrated with air, it does not ned to be frozen after production, in transport or when with the customer. This has huge energy savings at each stage of the foods journey. It also makes it much more convenient and cost effective for the owner to store at home., It can be treated like any dry food, just kept away from heat, damp and light sources, and just adding fresh warm water (from the kettle not the hot tap!) before feeding to give the perfect water levels for health. Read More

Feeding puppies is an exciting and important time for all animal parents! Giving your puppy the best possible start in life will affect their long term physical and emotional health. This guide is a basic introduction to some key points, and is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to everything needed for feeding puppies. It will tell you why and how Rocketo can be an important part of your puppies diet, and how to use it. Read More
Why is this important to dogs? Although humans are really efficient at digesting carbohydrates, most of the dogs are not. As dogs evolved from a common ancestor with wolves, they also evolved to digest some of the starch and sugars, but that doesn’t mean they thrive on it – there is a BIG difference between thriving and surviving. The only carbohydrates that a dog would eat in the wild are those that are already partially digested in the stomach and gut of their prey, and some grazing on fruits and vegetation when needed. Alas most modern dog foods are highly processed and many contain very high levels of carbohydrates. Read More


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