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KIRSTIE, Rocketo customer from 2018
KIRSTIE, Rocketo customer from 2018
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My Rottweiler is 3 yrs old & was on a raw diet. I needed something more manageable but no way was I going to compromise on quality during my quest to find the BEST I found ROCKETO.

It was a simple easy transition from preparing weighing raw to 2 scoops in measure jug supplied same amount of warm water 5 mins & hey Presto it's ready.

She LOVES her food from ROCKETO the excitement when her box gets delivered, comes with a special unique dog treat each time & Raina loves them. She previously suffered with Atopic dermatitis since being on ROCKETO her coat is lovely & shiny she itches less. I can't RECOMMEND enough!
NATHALIE, Rocketo customer from 2017
NATHALIE, Rocketo customer from 2017
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My dog Mattie is 11 years young. She was diagnosed with diabetes and chronic pancreatitis in the beginning of 2018. Both diseases need to be controlled with a healthy diet. She tried a lot of different veterinary diets. Some she hated right away, some she liked for a brief period and her excitement to eat them slowly went away.

In my quest to find her good food, I came across ROCKETO. Her diabetes is under better control as well. When I do her weekly Blood Glucose Curves, her glucose levels have been greatly improved. She has more energy and I see the puppy again in her.


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Best dog food ever! My dog loves the food. Everyone commented how well she looked a month after we feed Rocketo.
Stunningly good food
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Delivery excellent. Stunningly good food, probably the best money can buy. Lovely smell. Even the poops smell nice.
Brilliant food
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My 5 months old puppy loved Rocketo. He had no trouble adjusting, no issues with digestion.
smells really good
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My Australian Shepherd Django loves his new food ROCKETO. I like it too because it looks healthy and smells really good.
Delivery excellent!!!
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My dog Aiko loves to have the diet mixed with his food. And I’m amazed how fast the delivery was.
Love the food and snacks
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Love the food and snacks. My dog’s health improved immediately even though he was on a raw food diet his whole life.
Brilliant food
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Brilliant food and great customer service too. I’ve seen a huge improvement in Atlas’ skin and coat.
Really Best dog food
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My passion for food is back as my belly pain has been gone for months now.

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– “ROCKETO is a food that closely mimics how a dog might eat in the wild but upgraded with super nutrients to help dog survive in the modern environment.”

“ROCKETO is a food that closely mimics how a dog might eat in the wild but upgraded with super nutrients to help the dog survive in the modern environment.”

“We’re backing new, innovative startups in the accelerator and we like Rocketo’s approach to reinventing healthy dog food.”

“Rocketo is an environmentally friendly dog food business.”



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