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We are very happy to introduce our new GUTOMIZER Supplement. Here we will explain what the Gutomizer is and why dogs need it. 

GUTOMIZER is a fermented herbal extract as a feed supplement for dogs of all ages, which is given daily with the feed. The aim of feeding is a stable intestinal flora, which helps to improve the animal’s well-being and maintain its health.

Effective Microorganism (EM) Technology

This supplement is based on Effective Microorganism (EM) Technology – so what does this mean?

Effective microorganisms are a mixture of regenerative microorganisms that have been shown to have a positive impact in almost all areas of heath, for all animals. EMs were discovered by the Japanese agricultural scientists Prof. Dr. Teruo Higa in the early 1980s, and since this time EM products have grown in popularity, first for humans and now for pets, horses and farm animals. The ingredients can be tailored for different species and problems, but promoting good intestinal health is known to be crucial for all aspects of physical and behavioural health. 

Why Do Dogs Need EMs?

Effective Microorganism supplementation can strengthen all areas of your dog’s constitution, which improves their well-being. Just like humans, all animals benefit from a positive microbial environment that prevents germs from multiplying and promotes regenerative microorganisms. The modern sterile and artificial environment does not allow these organisms to be a daily part of your dog’s life.

The Gutomizer contains naturally occurring enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants and trace elements, all of which are essential for optimal health. It also contains lactic acid. Although there is a misconception of the effects of lactic acid on the body, it is a good energy source and helps the digestion of animal tissue.  It is involved in preventing degradation processes that arise from microbial changes in the environment in the intestine that can cause digestive problems.

A good intestinal environment leads to better feed conversion through balanced digestive processes. It is crucial for a strong intestinal mucosa, which protects the organism from pathogens and toxins and also prevents excessive infestation with intestinal parasites. 

The fermented herbal extract is made with the help of EM technology from 100% natural ingredients of controlled biological origin and has a sour, bread-like smell. 

Feeding recommendation:

Introduce gradually, over a period of 5 days

Daily dose dog: 1 teaspoon per 5 kg body weight in the food

Daily dose cat: up to 5 kg body weight 1-2 teaspoons in the food

Feed for at least 4 weeks to allow the benefits to be fully seen. Safe for continual feeding. 

Composition: water, sugar cane molasses *, yoghurt *, fermented herbs (peppermint *, caraway seeds *, anise *, rosemary *, goldenrod *, fennel *, yarrow *)
* from organic farming

  • Organic yoghurt is added as a starter (food), at the beginning of fermentation. The finished product will not contain yoghurt anymore so this is suitable for use by pets with lactose or dairy intolerance
  • Detailed bacteria may not be listed. Included are photosynthesis / Yeast / lactic acid bacteria.
  • Most dogs are very happy with the sour taste. Wolves and dogs living in the wild use the fermentation effect quite instinctively: They bury meat in the ground, where it undergoes a kind of pre-digestion by microorganisms in the absence of air. After a while the meat is dug up and eaten again. Lactic acid bacteria ensured acidification, which at the same time protected the meat from spoilage.

The Gutomizer can also be used for external application when needed! 

Skin and Coat Care

Regular external application of GUTOMIZER supports the natural protective coat of the skin and the coat becomes shiny and easily combed. The effective microorganisms feed on, among other things, skin cells and thus cleanse the skin in a natural way. Unpleasant skin odours disappear.

Recommended use:

Mix approximately 10ml of GUTOMIZER with 100ml of lukewarm water and spray your dog after the usual coat care with this solution. The diluted spray can also be used on sensitive ears such as between the claws, on the ears (do ot spray down the ear canal)  or around the eyes.

If there are problems with the skin, spray the diluted GUTOMIZER several times a day, in order to effect a rapid change in the skin biome.


Regular spraying will also help to deter Ticks and Fleas


To summarise, the GUTOMIZER is safe and suitable for use with all dogs and puppies, and those on medications. It is particularly useful for dogs with the following issues

  1. Dogs fed / previously fed on a  processed diet;
  2. Dogs who have had vaccinations, chemical flea / tick / worming medications;
  3. Dogs who have any existing health issues, including skin, ear, digestive, mobility, behavioural, metabolic issues;
  4. Senior dogs

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