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Why Treats Are Not Food

We get a lot of questions about treats for dogs, including the ones that we provide.
Treats/training treats / dental sticks etc. should not be confused with the food that you ‘feed’ your dog.

Here are a few tips when choosing treats for your dogs: 

  • Treats should only make a maximum of 10% of the dog’s diet 
  • Choose treats to support your dogs with their nutritional requirements, not to fulfil them.  Please ensure that they are fed a balanced (ideally raw) diet with enough variety to meet their nutritional and behavioural needs. Treats/training snacks can then be used to supplement this but not to replace this. 
  • Choose treats that are as healthy as possible for your dog, but also convenient for your needs, the right size for your dog (or breakable into the size you want). 
  • Look at the ingredients list carefully with regard to any health issues that you might have.
  • Avoid snacks that are high in carbohydrates – as these can be tricky for dogs to digest.

For example, Rocketo Dental Sticks: 37% fat but 0% carbohydrates – dogs only have 1 per day, and they are low volume, and fat is much healthier than carbohydrates for dogs. 

Summary of Some Rocketo Snacks Nutritional Values – Macro Nutrients

All the Rocketo Snacks / Functional treats are a healthy addition to your dog’s balanced diet and are sourced from ethical, wild or organic farms.

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Healthy Dog Skin & Coat Solution BOX

€49.37 €54.85

Organic Fermented GUTOMIZER

€13.01 €14.45

Dehydrated-RAW Organic Dog Food Variety Box

€51.73 €57.48

Dehydrated-RAW Organic Dog Dental Treat

€6.71 €7.45

Dehydrated-RAW Duck Rocks

€5.36 €5.95

Dehydrated-RAW Rabbit Rocks

€5.36 €5.95

Dehydrated-RAW Wild Boar Meateorites

€5.36 €5.95

Dehydrated-RAW Organic Chicken

€26.99 €29.99

Dehydrated-RAW Whole-Insects

€24.74 €27.49

Organic Plant-Based OMEGA-3 Oil

€8.96 €9.95

Dehydrated-RAW Organic Grass-Fed Beef

€26.99 €29.99

Dehydrated-RAW Wild Perch

€24.74 €27.49

Raw Organic Keto Orbiters

€5.36 €5.95

Dehydrated-RAW Wild Venison Meateorites

€5.36 €5.95

Dehydrated-RAW Wild Fishy Comets

€5.36 €5.95

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