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your dog’s diet
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Nutritionally balanced
and complete meals
for your dog made easy.

Organic ingredients

No artificial vitamins or minerals required in our nutrient-packed, 100% natural recipes

100% cupboard-safe

No need to fill your freezer – air-drying keeps the goodness in and the germs out

optimised for gut health

Human-grade meat, grain-free and lower in carbs for a proper dog’s dinner every time


Made easy for you


of your dogs diet


Free from grains, legumes and additives

Loved by Max, Buster and 324 more


Packed with benefits, not carbs

Loved by Dough, Bert and 776 more


A natural boost for digestion and immunity

Loved by Max, Cindy and 364 more

The healthiest dogs eat Rocketo

No fillers & no rubbish - just the best active ingredients so your dog can live long & thrive.

The healthiest dogs eat Rocketo

No fillers & no rubbish - just the best active ingredients so your dog can live long & thrive.

Loved by

the Most upgraded
dog food in the world.

The highest density of nutrients without the need for anything synthetic.


Organic ingredients means no pesticides or harmful chemicals ending up in your dogs food, or harming the environment along the way.  Organic farms are kinder for the environment and their produce help our dogs thrive.

THIS gentle process naturally locks in the nutrients for all the benefits of raw


We don’t believe in baking the goodness out of our ingredients. Air-drying at a much lower temperature ensures we retain all the vitamins, whilst you maintain the convenience of storing your dog’s food in the cupboard.

Potatoes, RICE and legumes… healthy for us, BUT NOT FOR YOUR DOG

Nearly all kibbles [and even some leading ‘home-cooked’ brands] contain too much carbohydrates for your dog. Mix this with heavily processed meat and you have a product that’s only fit for profit – not for your dog’s health. That’s why we only ever mix the best meat and fish with species-appropriate organic vegetables. Ingredients you can trust for results you can see. 

Keeping the planet fit for dogs

(and people)

Sustainable farming

Organic farms have less emissions, better soil quality and don’t pollute waterways. The perfect no-toxic environment for bees and insects to thrive.

Less weight & ship shape

Our food weighs 3x less than your usual food and our bags can be packed really tightly to save carbon whilst transported. Plus there’s no extra energy consumption to keep it frozen.

Our packing isn't rubbish

Forget non-recyclable single use plastics. Our packs are made from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable at home.


The benefits of raw, done right.

frozen raw

Nature’s Menu,
Bella & Duke


Different Dog,
Butternut Box


Lily’s Kitchen

Barry 4 years
Barry 4 years
Barry 4 years

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Clean nutrition means clean dishes for these Furry Friends

The proof’s in the pudding (and the dog food). After being rated over 40,000 times, we’re very proud to be sitting at a glowing 4.7 score. Have a read of just some of the success stories from our customers and their dogs who swear by Rocketo.


Archie & Amy

"We've already seen huge improvement in his poos and for us we've freed up so much freezer space"

Atlas & Michelle

"You can smell the fresh apple and ingredients. We never have anything left in the bowl"

Minnie & Emily

"Minnie has no stomach issues no and so much energy she hasn't had before"

Ralph & Lauren

"It's 100% organic and grain-free... a clean bowl every time!"

we’ve done our homework

So you don’t have to!

Obesity in dogs

Did you know over half of dogs in Europe are overweight?


80% of dogs aged 3+ in the UK have dental disease?


What does it mean and why is it so important to us?


More nutrients and no gut-damaging chemicals for your dog

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