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We’ve got a confession. Chicken recipes tend to be the most popular for dogs in the UK. Yet, we sometimes forget to explain why our 80% Organic Chicken recipe is quite so special [and popular]… the unsung hero of our pack!

Organic chicken is a brilliant, lean source of quality protein. But, raw chicken meat can also be a health hazard, and is often a particular concern of conventional raw feeders.

We use 70% chicken meat, and 10% chicken liver in our recipe. Liver [and other offal] offers significant benefits and is absolutely delicious for dogs. And with a healthy boost of non-starchy plants as the final 20%, this recipe stays under 12% carbohydrate – great for maintaining a healthy weight.

Natural preservation

Thanks to our patent-pending dehydration technology, our chicken, along with a mix of organic plants, is gently and slowly air-dried at under 40C, which renders it 100% safe whilst retaining the nutritional availability of uncooked food.

This means all of the incredibly beneficial micronutrients and enzymes remain intact, and you don’t have to worry about any health hazards. Dehydration means we don’t have to rely on chemical preservatives for shelf life, the bespoke dehydration method removes oxidative water which ensures that microbiological growth doesn’t occur, this is the growth that “spoils” your foods.

Humans have used dehydration for this reason for centuries, globally and still do. This works because dehydration removes water content, which controls the microbiological degeneration of foods, including bacteria, as long as moisture is kept between 0-25% there will be no microbiological growth. All our ingredients are thoroughly batch tested, to ensure they are pathogen-free.

Switching between Rocketo recipes

As each recipe is carefully balanced there is no need to gradually transition between recipes. Dogs need variety in their diet so we encourage you to swap regularly between the recipes for this reason and to avoid boredom. However good the food no dog wants to eat the same food every day.

Rocketo is refreshingly different!

All the ingredients in Rocketo are 100% natural, from whole foods and herbs. We do not include any synthetic vitamins or minerals, and all are dehydrated very gently to ensure they retain their nutritional profiles. This means that all the nutrients are very bioavailable — just like nature intended! Believe it not – we have a super long but extremely helpful blog post about our food difference.


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