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We’ve created this pack to help every dog have the best start to its new diet. We know that upset stomachs can be a cause for concern, but with this 100% organic pack of our complete food, functional treats & gut supplement, you can rest assured your dog is going to have the healthiest gut in the game.


Our bestselling ORGANIC BEEF 1KG recipe contains 75% organic beef, perfectly balanced with a mix of superfoods for a highly nutritious, low carb meal every time. Even the fussiest eaters won’t be able to resist the taste of beef liver, coconut and apple, delivering all benefits of a raw diet for them, with the convenience of kibble for you.


Our SKIN & COAT BITES  help maintain healthy skin and soft, thick coats by addressing the root cause of inflammation and dryness, not by suppressing the symptoms. Packed with natural antioxidants vital for skin health, they protect against disease by fighting free radical damage within the body and accelerating the healing process.


GUT BITES provide naturally gentle and nourishing support for the digestive system. Organic psyllium husk and chia seeds provide high-quality fibre to help steady digestion and allow the gut time to absorb key nutrients from your dog’s diet.


GUTOMIZER contains naturally occurring enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, and trace elements, all of which are essential for optimal health.


HORNBEAM STICK Dogs get bored, just like humans do. Unfortunately, most pet toys can contain plastics and other harmful compounds. ROCKETO gets back to basics and thinks about what nature already intended for our dogs. That is why we believe that a wooden stick will always be the first choice for dogs when it comes to chewing, playing, or relieving stress whilst chewing.


  • Complete and balanced for dogs of all ages and breeds.
  • 100% natural and organic ingredients, as nature intended.
  • No grains, legumes, peas or unnecessary fillers like potatoes.
  • No artificial vitamins, minerals, preservatives or colourants.


100% Organic ingredients

no artificial vitamins

Human-grade meat

Organic ingredients

No artificial vitamins or minerals required in our nutrient-packed, 100% natural recipes

100% cupboard-safe

No need to fill your freezer – air-drying keeps the goodness in and the germs out

optimised for gut health

Human-grade meat, grain-free and lower in carbs for a proper dog’s dinner every time



Organic Beef Food:

Organic Beef Organs – Liver, Kidney, Spleen (10%) France
Organic Coconut Flour Sri Lanka
Organic Coconut Flakes Sri Lanka
Organic Apple Cubes Germany
Organic Alfalfa Romania
Organic Chia Seeds Peru
Organic Brewer’s Yeast Poland
Organic Parsley Powder Germany
Organic Sunflower Seed Powder Hungary
Organic Egg Shell Powder Hungary
Organic Knotted Wrack Ireland
Organic Algenkalk Germany
Organic Kelp Ireland



Organic Sugar Cane Molasses Germany
Organic Yogurt India
Organic Fermented Peppermint Germany
Organic Fermented Caraway Seeds Germany
Organic Fermented Anise Germany
Organic Fermented Rosemary Leaves Germany
Organic Fermented Goldenrod Germany
Organic Fermented Fennel Germany
Organic Fermented Yarrow Germany



Beef Liver* (60%)

Knotted Wrack* (Ascophyllum Nodosum) (13%)

Coconut Flakes* (10%)

Coconut Flour* (10%)

Chia Seeds*

Peppermint* (2%)

*Organic ingredients


Beef liver* (60%)
Psyllium husk* (10%)
Knotted wrack* (Ascophyllum nodosum)
Coconut* (flakes and flour)
Sea buckthorn*
Chia seeds*
Mixed tocopherols (natural preservative).
*Organic ingredients




ENERGY 504 kcal/100g
Protein 35.6%
Fat Content 34.5%
Crude Fibre 12.8%
Carbohydrates 6.4%
Moisture 6.9%
Ash 3.8%

Skin & Coat Bites


ENERGY 398 kcal/100g
Protein 31%
Fat Content 25%
Carbohydrates 12%
Crude fibre 17%
Moisture 9%
Ash 6%


Gut Bites


ENERGY 398 kcal/100g
Protein 31%
Fat Content 25%
Carbohydrates 12%
Crude fibre 17%
Moisture 9%
Ash 6%

Please ensure that treats fed are not more than 10% of your dog’s daily energy intake.





ENERGY 14 kcal/100g
Water 97%
Crude Protein <0.4%
Crude Fat <0.4%
Carbohydrates  (excl. fibre) 0%
Crude Ash 1.5%
Sodium 0.3 %
Lysine <0.1 %
Methionine 0.3 %



Introduce gradually, over a period of 5 days. Feed for at least 4 weeks to allow the benefits to be fully seen. Safe for continual feeding.


Daily dose for dog 1 teaspoon per 5 kg body weight in the food




Our gentle air-drying process ensures our products have all the benefits of the raw, by locking in the goodness and keeping out any bacteria.
We have a ‘kill-step’ for extra piece of mind and enables a 12 month shelf life.
All of our products meet European standards for complete dog nutrition, without the need for any artificial additives or vitamins [you’ll notice these in nearly all kibbles]. Ingredients you can trust, for results you can see.

Maximum goodness

Minimum nonsense

Step 1
Knock Knock

Delivered straight to your door weighing 3x less than conventional pet food

Step 2
Add your food

We’ll suggest the exact amount and frequency for your dog. We’ve done our homework so you don’t have to!

Step 3
Add fresh water

Add fresh water to rehydrate. It’s the perfect natural texture, taste & optimal consistency for oral & digestive health

Step 4
stir, wait & serve

100% safe to store in your cupboard, naturally preserved through dehydration with a shelf life of 1 year

Keeping the planet fit for dogs

(and people)

Sustainable farming

Organic farms have less emissions, better soil quality and don’t pollute waterways. The perfect no-toxic environment for bees and insects to thrive.

Less weight & ship shape

Our food weighs 3x less than your usual food and our bags can be packed really tightly to save carbon whilst transported. Plus there’s no extra energy consumption to keep it frozen.

Our packing isn't rubbish

Forget non-recyclable single use plastics. Our packs are made from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable at home.

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benefits that go beyond a healthy dog

frequently asked question

In today’s modern world, many people have lost touch with what ‘real’ food is and how important it is to health and wellbeing. This applies equally to us and our dogs. It is a sad reality that humans are the only species on the planet that has lost the ability to feed themselves healthily (Bill Tara, Eating As If All LIfe Matters), but what may be even sadder is that humans make all the decisions on behalf of their dogs, including what and when they eat. Read More

A lot of enzymes, vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins, are really sensitive to heat. Since we keep the heat in all stages of the process below 40 degrees, we avoid vitamins and amino acids changing their form. By keeping the food in its original form, the intestinal tract and microbiome of the dog can recognise, absorb and utilise all the nutrients. This means that all the goodness is available to the dog, and the dogs digestive system and organs don’t have to overwork to access these. Read More

As a civilisation, we have overused our land. The food produced therefore is not only nutritionally deprived, meaning that it lacks essential minerals, but also it can come with unwanted toxins, such as glyphosate, growth factors, antibiotics to name but a few. We try to avoid all of these, as they can cause harm in the dogs body. This is why we only use certified organic products, or wild produced ingredients where they are again away from chemicals used in their production. Read More

Most of our customers are passionate about helping the environment, and so are we. How does our food, and the way we produce it, help the environment? We are passionate about our beautiful planet, and all that lives on it. Because our food is dehydrated with air, it does not ned to be frozen after production, in transport or when with the customer. This has huge energy savings at each stage of the foods journey. It also makes it much more convenient and cost effective for the owner to store at home., It can be treated like any dry food, just kept away from heat, damp and light sources, and just adding fresh warm water (from the kettle not the hot tap!) before feeding to give the perfect water levels for health. Read More

Feeding puppies is an exciting and important time for all animal parents! Giving your puppy the best possible start in life will affect their long term physical and emotional health. This guide is a basic introduction to some key points, and is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to everything needed for feeding puppies. It will tell you why and how Rocketo can be an important part of your puppies diet, and how to use it. Read More
Why is this important to dogs? Although humans are really efficient at digesting carbohydrates, most of the dogs are not. As dogs evolved from a common ancestor with wolves, they also evolved to digest some of the starch and sugars, but that doesn’t mean they thrive on it – there is a BIG difference between thriving and surviving. The only carbohydrates that a dog would eat in the wild are those that are already partially digested in the stomach and gut of their prey, and some grazing on fruits and vegetation when needed. Alas most modern dog foods are highly processed and many contain very high levels of carbohydrates. Read More

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